August 12-August 16, 2019, Oberwolfach, Germany

Monday, August 12
9:10-10:00 Stuart White Classifying *-homomorphisms I
10:20-11:10 Aaron Tikuisis Classifying *-homomorphisms II
11:30-12:20 Magdalena Musat Infinite dimensional aspects of the analysis of quantum information theory
16:00-16:50 Adrian Ioana II1 factors with exotic central sequence algebras
17:00-17:20 Mateusz Wasilewski Quantum Markov semigroups on q-Gaussian algebras
17:30-18:20 Narutaka Ozawa Full factors and co-amenable inclusions
Tuesday, August 13
9:10-10:00 Dan Voiculescu Commutants mod normed ideals and quasicentral approximation
10:20-11:10 Mikael de la Salle Strong property (T) for Ã2 groups
11:30-12:20 Matthew Kennedy Noncommutative Choquet theory
16:00-16:50 Gilles Pisier A non-nuclear C*-algebra with the Weak Expectation Property and the Local Lifting Property
17:00-17:20 Maria Gerasimova Isoperimetry, Littlewood functions, and unitarisability of groups
17:30-18:20 Wilhelm Winter Abelian sub-C*-algebras and dynamic dimension
20:00-21:00 Vern Paulsen C*-algebras and games
Wednesday, August 14
9:10-10:00 Rufus Willett Decompositions and the Künneth formula
10:20-10:40 Vadim Alekseev On (non-)uniqueness of C*-norms on group rings of amenable groups
10:50-11:10 Kristin Courtney Amalgamated products of RFD C*-algebras
11:30-12:20 Karen Strung Constructions in minimal amenable dynamics and applications to C*-algebra classification
Thursday, August 15
9:10-10:00 Sorin Popa Embedding R into factors
10:20-11:10 Ilijas Farah Between ultrapowers and asymptotic sequence algebras
11:30-12:20 Yasuyuki Kawahigashi Matrix product operator algebras, anyons and subfactors
16:00-16:50 David Kerr Dynamical alternating groups, property Gamma, and inner amenability
17:00-17:20 Jamie Gabe Classification of O-stable C*-algebras
17:30-18:20 Gábor Szabó The stable uniqueness theorem for equivariant Kasparov theory
20:00-21:00 Huaxin Lin Paschke duality and C*-algebra extensions
Friday, August 16
9:10-10:00 Rémi Boutonnet Stationary characters on lattices in semi-simple Lie groups
10:20-11:10 Cyril Houdayer A noncommutative Nevo-Zimmer theorem
11:30-11:50 David Jekel Non-commutative transport of measure and free complementation of certain subalgebra of L(Fn)
12:00-12:20 Hannes Thiel C*-algebras of stable rank one and their Cuntz semi-groups
13:30-14:20 Xin Li Construction Cartan subalgebras in all classifiable C*-algebras