Subfactors and Conformal Field Theory
March 23-27, 2015, Oberwolfach, Germany
Organized by D. Bisch, T. Gannon, V. F. R. Jones and Y. Kawahigashi

Monday, March 23
9:10-9:55 V. Jones Does every subfactor have something to do with a CFT?
10:05-10:50 R. Longo Standard subspaces and the localisation of particles
11:00-11:45 C. Schweigert RCFT correlators and surface defects in three-dimensional TFT
11:55-12:25 J. Tener From Segal CFT to conformal nets
16:00-16:45 G. Mason Vertex rings and von Neumann regular rings
16:55-17:40 D. Evans Subfactors, twisted K-theory and conformal field theory: The double of the Haagerup subfactor and beyond
17:50-18:20 Y. Tanimoto Operator algebraic construction of integrable quantum field theory
Tuesday, March 24
9:00-9:45 S. Carpi From vertex operator algebras to conformal nets abd back
9:55-10:40 S. Morrison Small subfactors
11:00-11:45 P. Teichner Moduli spaces of field theories
11:55-12:25 A. Henriques Examples of Stolz-Teichner cocycles
16:00-16:45 I. Runkel Introduction to logarithmic CFT
16:55-17:40 J. Fuchs Factorization and modular invariants beyond RCFT
17:50-18:20 N. Snyder Asaeda-Haagerup subfactor
Wednesday, March 25
9:15-10:00 A. Wassermann Noncommutative analysis on trinions
10:15-11:00 Y. Ogata C1-classification of gapped Hamiltonians
11:30-12:15 K.-H. Rehren Subfactors and boundary conditions in algebraic QFT
Thursday, March 26
9:15-10:15 C. Jones, S. Vaes Representation theory for subfactors and C*-tensor categories
10:45-11:30 M. Izumi Near-group categories and (de-)equivariantization
11:45-12:15 P. Grossman Some examples of fusion categories associated to small-index subfactors
16:00-16:45 J. Duncan Umbral moonshine
17:00-17:35 M. Müger On finite orbifold of rational, chiral CFTs
17:50-18:20 T. Creutzig Quantum dimensions and non-semisimplicity
Friday, March 27
9:00-9:45 C. Lam Vertex operator algebras and finite groups
10:00-10:30 M. Bischoff An algebraic conformal QFT approach to defects
11:00-11:30 D. Penneys Planar algebras in modular tensor categories
11:45-12:15 C. Schommer-Pries Non-semisimple tensor categories and local topological field theory
14:00-14:30 A. Brothier Planar algebras and the Haagerup property
14:40-15:10 Z. Liu A classification with subfactors and fusion categories (from CFT)
15:20-15:50 D. Shlyakhtenko (Co)homology for subfactors and C*-tensor categories