C*-Algebren, Oberwolfach, Dec. 10-14, 2001 Monday, Dec. 10 9:20-10:10 J.-L. Tu Non-Hausdorff groupoids, proper actions and K-theory 10:25-11:15 S. Echterhoff A proof of the general Connes-Kasparov conjecture 11:30-12:20 W. Winter Covering dimensions for C*-algebras 16:10-17:10 C. Skau Some new results on orbit equivalence of Z2 actions on Cantor sets 17:20-18:20 N. C. Phillips K-theory for crossed products of the Cantor set by free minimal actions of Zd Tuesday, Dec. 11 9:15-10:15 U. Haagerup The invariant subspace problem relative to a von Neumann factor of type II1 10:30-11:15 K. Dykema Recent progress on DT-operators 11:30-12:15 N. Brown Approximating traces on C*-algebras 16:00-17:00 A. Wassermann Operator algebraic analysis of solvable lattice models 17:10-17:40 S. Vassout Longitudinal noncommutative residue for foliations 17:50-18:20 C. Pasnicu Some results on the ideal property Wednesday, Dec. 12 9:15-10:15 G. Pisier Grothendieck's theorem for operator spaces 10:25-11:10 M. B. Bekka Square integrable representations, lattices, and von Neumann dimensions 11:20-11:50 A. Thom Bivariant homology theories on the category of separable C*-algebras 11:55-12:25 N. Ozawa An application of expanders to B(l2)⊗B(l2) Thursday, Dec. 13 9:15-10:05 D. Shlyakhtenko Free Araki-Woods factors 10:20-11:10 Y. Kawahigashi Classification of conformal local nets: case c < 1 11:25-12:15 H. Wenzl Centralizer algebras of Lie type EN 16:00-17:00 J. Cuntz K-homology for the Weyl algebra 17:10-17:55 R. Meyer Generalized fixed point algebras 18:00-18:30 F. Pierrot K-theory and Langlands' multiplicity formulas Friday, Dec. 14 9:15-10:00 M. Rordam Simple C*-algebras and extensions of stable C*-algebras 10:15-11:00 D. Bisch Singly generated planar algebras 11:15-11:45 S. Neshveyev Masas in crossed products 14:00-14:45 M. Dadarlat Approximate decompositions of representations into irreducible representations 14:55-15:25 H. Oyono-Oyono Shapiro lemma for topological K-theory of groups 15:30-16:00 E. Blanchard Pure stellar infinity