Lie Algebras, Vertex Operator Algebras, and Related Topics
August 14-18, 2015
University of Notre Dame, U.S.

Friday, August 14
8:45-9:45C. Dong
  Parafermion vertex operator algebras
9:45-10:45G. Benkart
  A walk on the McKay correspondence
11:15-12:15M. Primc
  Difference conditions in combinatorial bases of representations of affine Lie algebras
14:00-15:00M. Miyamoto
  The regularity of orbifold model
15:00-16:00A. Semikhatov
  The different facets of logarithmic Kazhdan–Lusztig duality
16:30-17:45Parallel Sessions
Saturday, August 15
8:30-9:30K. Nagatomo
  Vertex operator algebras with central charge 1/2 and -68/7
9:30-10:30 A. Premet
  Maximal subalgebras of exceptional Lie algebras over fields of good characteristic
11:00-12:00V. Chari
  Multiplicities in Demazure flags, mock theta functions and the cone theta functions
12:00-13:00 J. Lepowsky
  Representation theory of vertex operator algebras and partition identities-- some current developments
15:00-16:00Open Problem Session
16:30-17:45Parallel Sessions
Sunday, August 16
8:30-9:30G. Andrews
  On the Kanade/Russell Conjectures
9:30-10:30K. Bringmann
  Quantum modular forms and application
11:00-12:00W. Wang
  Super Kazhdan-Lusztig theory ABC
12:00-13:00K. Wendland
  Towards vertex operator algebras for K3
15:00-16:00E. Mukhin
  Integrable system associated to quantum toroidal gl(1)
16:30-17:45Parallel Sessions
Monday, August 17
8:30-9:30J. Fuchs
  Mapping class group invariants from finite ribbon categories
9:30-10:30I. Runkel
  Holomorphic symplectic fermions
11:00-12:00D. Adamovic
  Explicit realizations of affine vertex algebras and their applications
12:00-13:00N. Jing
  Quantum Sugawara operators of quantum affine algebra of type A
15:00-16:00Open Problem Session
16:30-17:30A. Henriques
  Representations of based loop groups
17:30-17:55D. Addabbo
  Representation theory and generalized Q-systems
17:55-18:20D. Nandi
  Partition identities arising from the level 4 standard modules for A2(2)
Tuesday, August 18
8:30-9:30N. Wallach
  Structural results for Vinberg pairs
9:30-10:30Y. Kawahigashi
  From vertex operator algebras to operator algebras and back
11:00-12:00S. Stolz
  Factorization algebras, vertex operator algebras and functorial field theories
12:00-13:00L. Carbone
  Finite presentations of hyperbolic Kac-Moody groups