Generalized McKay correspondences and representation theory
March 20-24, 2006
Organized by: Yongbin Ruan, H. Nakajima, G. Mason
Monday, March 20
9:15-10:15 Paul Aspinwall (Duke University) D-Branes, Mukai and McKay
11:00-12:00 Tom Bridgeland (University of Edinburgh) From categories to geometry : stability conditions and Kleinian singularities
2:15-3:15 Andrei Caldararu (University of Wisconsin) The Hopf algebra governing orbifold Hochschild cohomology
3:45-4:45 Kentaro Hori (University of Toronto) Matrix factorizations and complexes of vector bundle ---- an approach from 2d QFT with boundary
Tuesday, March 21
9:30-10:30 Alexey Bondal (Steklov Mathematical Institute) Integrable systems related to triangulated categories
11:00-12:00 Dmitry Kaledin (Steklov Institute) McKay and generalizations in the symplectic case
1:30-2:30 Miles Reid (University of Warwick) Orbifold Riemann-Roch and plurigenera
2:45-3:45 Wei-Ping Li (Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology) Integral cohomology of the Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces
4:00-5:00 Bohui Chen (Sichuan University) DeRham model of Chen-Ruan orbifold cohomology ring on abelian orbifolds
Wednesday, March 22
9:00-10:00 Lev Borisov (UW-Madison) McKay correspondence for elliptic genera
10:30-11:30 Fabio Perroni (University of Zürich) The cohomological crepant resolution conjecture for orbifold with transversal A_n-singularities
1:00-2:00 Weiqiang Wang (University of Virginia) The cohomology rings of Hilbert schemes of points and McKay-Ruan correspondence
2:15-3:15 Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (University of Tokyo) Conformal Field Theory and Operator Algebras
3:45-4:45 Adrian Ocneanu (Pennsylvania State University) Quantum Subgroups and higher quantum McKay correspondences
Thursday, March 23
9:00-10:00 Raphael Rouquier (CNRS) McKay's correspondence and modular representations of finite groups
10:30-11:30 Chongying Dong (UC Santa Cruz) Representation theory for vertex operator algebras
1:00-2:00 Victor Ginzburg (University of Chicago) Noncommutative geometry and Calabi-Yau algebras
2:15-3:15 Naihuan Jing (North Carolina State University) Vertex operators and quantum cohomology
Friday, March 24
9:30-10:30 Alexander Kirillov, Jr. (SUNY at Stony Brook) McKay correspondence and equivariant sheaves on P^1
11:00-12:00 Viktor Ostrik (University of Oregon) Quantum versions of McKay correspondence