4th Conference of Settat on Operator Algebras and Applications
January 27-30, 2015
Marrakech, Morocco

Tuesday, January 27
10:30-11:20Marcel de Jeu
  The Banach algebra associated with a topological dynamical system
11:25-12:15 Jarno Talponen
  Convex-transitive Banach algebras via ideals
14:00-14:50 Skander Hachicha
  Support projection of state and a quantum Levy-Austin-Ornstein theorem
14:50-15:25Youssef Bouhafsi
  On the range of elementary operators
15:25-16:00 Mohammed Karmouni
  On algebraic and analytic core
16:00-16:35Abdelali Zine Alabedine
  A non m-convex semisimple B0-algebra on which all entire functions operates
17:00-17:35 Ahmed Toukmati
  On M-Hypercyclic Semigroup
17:35-18:10Benharrat Mohammed
  Mixed linear boundary value problems with right invertible operators
Wednesday, January 28
8:30-9:20 Yasuyuki Kawahigashi
  Boundary conformal field theory and subfactors
9:20-10:10Paulo Pinto
  Baumslag-Solitar group C*-representations and beyond
10:10-10:45 Farida Lombarkia
  Generalized derivation and some local spectral properties
11:15-12:05Vladimir Peller
  Functions of noncommuting self-adjoint operators under perturbation
12:05-12:40 Mohamed Ould Moustapha
  The harmonic oscillator with the Dirac operator and Applications
14:30-15:20Piotr Budzynski
  Weighted shifts on directed trees, subnormality and reflexivity
15:20-15:55 Allal Ghanmi
  On planar mixed automorphic forms
15:55-16:30 Mohammed Kachad
  New extended Browder-Weyl type theorems and perturbations
17:00-17:50 Zouhair Mouayn
  Coherent states transforms, quantization and formulae for Berezin transforms
17:50-18:40Moulay Taib Belghiti
  Operateurs pour la meilleure approximation polynomial dans les classes de Carleman Holomorphes
Thursday, January 29
8:30-9:20Seung-Hyeok Kye
  Positivity of multi-linear maps and applications to quantum information theory
9:25-10:15Ahmed Intissar
  On weighted Bergman-Dirichlet spaces in 2-complex variables
10:25-10:55Ould Ali Mohand
  Bournes superieures d'une famille d'operateurs auto-adjoints pour l'ordre de lowner