International Workshop on Operator Algebras and Operator Theory Linfen, China October 14 - 19, 2001

Oct. 14
15:00-15:50 E. Stormer
Entropy in Operator Algebras and the McMillan Theorem
16:10-17:00 M.-D. Choi
The norm estimates for a sum of two matrices
Oct. 15
8:30-9:20 Y. Kawahigashi
Nets of subfactors on the circle
9:30-10:20 P. Semrl
Linear maps preserving invertibility
10:40-11:00 S. Xu
Locally convex bundles for operator algebras
11:10-11:30 Y. Li
Contraction integrated semigroups and their applications
to continuous time Markov chains
13:30-14:20 Z.-J. Ruan
On the local theory of operator algebras
14:30-15:20 D. Hadwin
Variation of free entropy
15:50-16:20 H. Du
Spectral completion of operator matrices and controllability
16:30-16:50 K. Xu
A class of elements of finite order in K_2 of a field
17:40-17:20 H. Cao
Matrix traces on C*-algebra M_n(A)
Oct. 17
8:30-9:20 P. Biane
Free entropy and matrix models
9:30-10:20 L. Ge
On generator problem for von Neumann algebras
10:40-11:00 L. Zhang
The completeness of generalized eigenfunctions of a discrete operator
11:10-11:30 W. Wu
Operator analogue of the Krein-Milman theorem in the generalized state spaces
13:30-14:20 E. Christensen
On Hochschild cohomology of operator algebras and similarity question
14:30-15:20 K. Guo
Classification of Hardy submodules and characteristic space theory
15:50-16:20 W. Longstaff
Transitive families of subspaces
16:30-16:50 S. Hu
The tracial topological rank of C*-algebras
17:00-17:20 S. Hou
On the Beurling theorem for the Fock space
Oct. 19
8:30-9:20 D. Larson
Operator algebras and wavelet theory
9:30-10:20 K. Harrison
Matrix completion problems and chordal graphs
10:40-11:30 J. Hou
Additive maps on standard operator algebras