ICM Satellite Conference on Operator Algebras and Applications
August 8-12 2014
Cheongpung, Korea

Friday, August 8
9:10-9:50J. Cuntz
  C*-algebras associated with semigroups, rings and dynamical systems from number theory
10:10-10:50R. Speicher
  Absence of algebraic relations and of zero divisors under the assumption of finite non-microstates free Fisher information
10:50-11:30A. Ioana
  Orbit equivalence rigidity for translation actions
13:30-14:10G. Elliott
  A brief survey of C*-algebra classification theory
14:10-14:50Y. Sato
  Classification theorems for amenable C*-algebras and Connes' fundamental work for injective factors
15:10-15:50H. Lin
  Classification of unital simple Z-stable C*-algebras
15:50-16:30M. Rordam
  The central sequence algebra
16:50-18:05Parallel Sessions
Saturday, August 9
8:30-9:10G. Pisier
  C*-norms on tensor products and quantum expanders
9:10-9:50M. Junge
  Grothendieck inequality for three tensors
10:10-10:50Z.-J. Ruan
  Abstract harmonic analysis and related operator algebras on locally compact quantum groups
10:50-11:30R. Curto
  Truncated moment problems admitting cubic column relations
13:30-18:05Parallel Sessions
Sunday, August 10
8:30-9:10D.-V. Voiculescu
  Some C*-algebras which are coronas of non-C*-Banach algebras
9:10-9:50Y. Kawahigashi
  Boundary conformal field theory and subfactors
10:10-10:50C. Cowen
  Commutants of finite Blaschke product multiplication operators on Hilbert spaces of analytic functions
10:50-11:30J. Stochel
  Directed trees and subnormality of Hilbert space operators
13:30-18:05Parallel Sessions
Monday, August 11
8:30-9:10U. Haagerup
  Approximation properties for groups and von Neumann algebras
9:10-9:50N. Ozawa
  Elementary amenable groups are quasidiagonal
10:10-10:50W. Winter
  Regularity of nuclear C*-algebras
10:50-11:30A. Toms
  Mean dimension and the structure of C*-algebras
13:30-14:45Parallel Sessions
15:10-15:50G. Yu
  Quantitative K-theory for operator algebras and its applications
15:50-16:30S. Vaes
  Classification of crossed product von Neumann algebras
16:50-17:30V. Jones
  Towards a continuum limit from planar algebras