Special Session of Operator Theory and Operator Algebras
Joint Meeting of the Korean Math. Society and the American Math. Society

December 16-20, 2009, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

Wednesday, December 16
14:30-15:10Woo Young Lee
  Hyponormality and subnormality of Toeplitz operators
15:20-15:40David Kerr
  A variational principle for actions of sofic groups
15:40-16:00Mikael Pichot
  Discrete groups of rank between 1 and 2
16:10-16:30Choonkil Park
  Functional equations and applications
16:30-16:50Hyun-Kyoung Kwon
  Similarity of operators via function theory and complex geometry
17:00-17:20Chunji Li
  A note on truncated complex moment problem
17:20-17:40Jesse Peterson
  Examples of group actions which are W*E-superrigid
17:40-18:00Sooran Kang
  Yang-Mills functional and Laplace's equation on quantum Heisenberg manifolds
Thursday, December 17
08:30-08:50Jun Tomiyama
  Structure of homeomorphism C*-algebras for arbitrary topological dynamical systems
08:50-09:10Jeong Hee Hong
  Endomorphisms of the Cuntz algebras which preserve the canonical diagonal MASA
09:20-09:40Sang Hoon Lee
  Subnormality of arbitrary powers of 2-variable weighted shifts
09:40-10:00Huzihiro Araki
  Dynamics and Potential
10:10-10:30Kyung Hoon Han
  Noncommutative Lp-space and operator system
10:30-10:50Hyun Ho Lee
  Some remarks on extremally rich C*-algebras
14:30-15:10N. Christopher Phillips
  The structure of crossed products by free minimal actions of Zd
15:20-15:40Gabriel Tucci
  Eigenvalue results for large scale random Vandermonde matrices with unit complex entries
15:40-16:00Yoshimichi Ueda
  Orbital free entropy dimension and its applications
16:10-16:30George Exner
  Whither n-contractivity and n-hypercontractivity?
16:30-16:50Junhao Shen
  Topological free entropy dimension for unital MF algebras
17:00-17:20Hiroyuki Osaka
  Local properties for C*-algebras and the Rokhlin property
17:20-17:40Hun Hee Lee
  Hypercontractivity on the q-Araki-Woods algebras: a restricted case
Friday, December 18
08:30-09:10Yasuyuki Kawahigashi
  Superconformal field theory, operator algebras and noncommutative geometry
09:20-09:40Wojciech Szymanski
  Localized endomorphisms of the Cuntz algebras
09:40-10:00Young Min Han
  On the property (gb)
10:10-10:30Byung-Jay Kahng
  Generalized Fourier transform and duality in the locally compact quantum group setting
10:30-10:50Ken Dykema
  On the BMV conjecture