Subfactors Katata, Japan, July 6-10, 1993 The 32nd Taniguchi Symposium Organizers: H. Araki Y. Kawahigashi H. Kosaki July 6 V. F. R. Jones Why are subfactors so interesting? T. Hamachi Embedding of noncommutative Bernoulli schemes F. Radulescu Subfactors of the II1 factor of a free group July 7 U. Haagerup Computation of principal graphs and paragroups for subfactors of R M. Izumi Connes-Takesaki module for an endomorphism and Roberts action for a compact semisimple Lie group C. E. Sutherland Poincare flows for subrelations C. Winslow Automorphisms on an inclusion of factors Y. Watatani Latin squares, commuting squares, and intermediate subfactors July 9 A. Ocneanu Chirality for operator algebras M. Choda Extension algebras via *-endomorphisms K. Fredenhagen Sectors with infinite statistics H. Kosaki Some remarks on automorphisms for inclusions of type III factors F. Hiai Entropy and growth for derived towers of subfactors July 10 R. Longo The Tomita-Takesaki theory and conformal quantum field theory Y. Kawahigashi Classification of paragroup actions on subfactors