Submission of a paper to Japanese Journal of Mathematics

I am a managing editor of Japanese Journal of Mathematics. (Also see the Springer webpage.)

Japanese Journal of Mathematics (JJM) is one of the official journals published by the Mathematical Society of Japan. JJM publishes research survey articles of high quality from 2006, as the third series of the journal, from Springer. We intend to have articles giving new insight on a certain topic of recent interest from a broad perspective for a wide range of mathematicians beyond a small circle of specialists. Clear exposition on important results and ideas is neccessary. A mere research summary of one's own results is not appropriate for this journal. Each submission will be refereed.

The journal encourages authors to submit electronically prepared manuscripts 
(PDF or Postscript) to the editor by e-mail at

jjm (at)

or by postal mail at

Editorial Office of JJM
Mathematical Society of Japan
Taito 1-34-8, Taito-ku
Tokyo, 110-0016, Japan 

JJM published articles recommended by fourteen supporting journals in Japan, but this system is now over. We do not accept this type of papers any more.

Yasuyuki Kawahigashi

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