China-Japan Conference on Noncommutative Geometry and K-Theory
June 10-16, 2013, Jilin University, China

Monday,     June 10
8:30-9:20Gualiang Yu
  Finite part of K-theory for group C*-algebras and its applications
9:35-10:25Tsuyoshi Kato
  Hamiltonian deformations of groups acting on trees
10:50-11:40Kai Wang
  Reducing subspaces for analytic multipliers of the Bergman space
14:00-14:50Hang Wang
  Localized indices for invariant elliptic operators
15:10-16:00Dan Li
  Harper operators: their geometry and physics
Tuesday,     June 11
8:30-9:20Hangfeng Li
  Mean dimension and von Neumann Luck rank
9:35-10:25Herve Oyono-Oyono
  On quantitative K-theory for operator algebras
10:50-11:40Qin Wang
  Some progress on the coarse Novikov conjecture
14:00-14:50Shuyun Wei
  Inner and outer functions in the Dirichlet space
15:10-16:00Dechao Zheng
Thursday,     June 13
8:30-9:20Weiping Zhang
  Positive scalar curvature on foliations
9:35-10:25Yasuyuki Kawahigashi
  Superconformal field theory, boundary conformal field theory and noncommutative geometry
10:50-11:40Toshikau Natsume
  A remark on the index theorem for families of operators
14:00-14:50Raphael Ponge
15:10-16:00Yong Wang
  The Greiner's approach of heat kernel asymptotics, equivariant family JLO characters and equivariant eta forms
Friday,     June 14
8:30-9:20Chunlan Jiang
  Complex geometry and similarity of Cowen-Douglas operators
9:35-10:25Hitoshi Moriyoshi
  Secondary cyclic cocycle for Connes Chern character on a Cantor set
10:50-11:40Xianjin Wang
  On the approximation property for uniform Roe algera of discrete groups
14:00-14:50Shin-ichi Oguni
  Coronae of relatively hyperbolic grops and coarse homologies
15:10-16:00Hiroki Sako
  Property A and finite dimensional approximation properties for operator algebras
Saturday,     June 15
8:30-9:20Yasuo Watatani
  Strognly irreducible operators and indecomposable representations of quivers
9:35-10:25Kuok Fai Chao
  Geometric structure in tempered dual of SLn and its K-theory
10:50-11:40Yoshikata Kida
  Inner amenable groups having no stable action
14:00-14:50Xin Li
  Semigroup C*-algebras