International Conference on Operator Algebras The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Madras, India January 6-11, 1997 Programme of talks TIME MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT 0900-1030 Voiculescu Haagerup Voiculescu Haagerup Voiculescu Ocneanu 1030-1100 C O F F E E 1100-1230 Skandalis Skandalis Ocneanu Skandalis Ocneanu Haagerup* 1230-1400 L U N C H 1400-1430 Araki Thomsen Wenzl Hudson Kawahigashi 1430-1500 Bratteli Packer Evans Bhat Winslow 1500-1530 C O F F E E 1530-1600 Stormer Kumar Goodman Parthasarathy Watatani 1600-1630 Sato Pal Radulescu Kusuda Bhatt D. Voiculescu : Topics in Free Entropy A. Ocneanu : The classification of connections and intermediate subfactors U. Haagerup : Subfactors and their principal graphs - a survey based on examples U. Haagerup* : Random matrices and exact C*-algebras G. Skandalis : Kasparov's K-theory, Conjectures of Novikov and Baum-Connes H. Araki : Application of operator algebra methods to physical models R. Bhat : A generalised intertwining lifting theorem S. Bhatt : Quasi-weights and unbounded operator algebras O. Bratteli : Multiresolution wavelet theory of scale N and representations of the Cuntz algebra ON D. Evans : Automorphisms of amenable C*-algebras and the Rohlin property F. Goodman : Path idempotents R. Hudson : Automatic boundedness of generators of stochastic flows over C*-algebras Y. Kawahigashi : Quantum doubles and Orbifold subfactors A. Kumar : Equivalence of norms on operator space tensor products of C*-algebras M. Kusuda : C*-crossed products of C*-algebras with the weak Banach-Saks property J. Packer Jesudasan : The Equivariant Brauer Group and Crossed Product C*-Algebras A. Pal : Contraction technique and Haar measure for the E(2) quantum group K. R. Parthasarathy : A class of Lie super-algebra representations arising from quantum stochastic calculus F. Radulescu : Some aspects of quantum dynamics and quantization in type II1 factors N. Sato : Two subfactors arising from a non-degenerate commuting square E. Stormer : Entropy in operator algebras K. Thomsen : Factors and subfactors from Ergodic theory Y. Watatani : Jones index theory for simple C*-algebras H. Wenzl : Subfactors from quantum groups - a general construction C. Winslow : Convergence and limit range of endomorphisms