Frontier of Non Commutative Analysis and Mathematical Quantum Theory An international conference of operator algebras and mathematical physics in the occasion of the 70th birthday of Huzihiro Araki Fukuoka, JAPAN August 7-11, 2002. Wednesday, August 7 09:30-10:20 S. Doplicher (Rome I Univ.) Quantum field theory on quantum spacetime 10:25-11:15 Y. Kawahigashi (Univ. Tokyo) Classification of local conformal nets: case c < 1 11:40-12:30 R. Longo (Rome II Univ.) Modular Localization and de Sitter/CQFT Correspondence 14:00-14:50 C. Gerard (Paris Sud) On the scattering theory of infrared-divergent Nelson models 14:55-15:45 M. Hirokawa (Okayama Univ.) Two Charges Interacting through a Massless Scalar Field --- Removal of Infrared and Ultraviolet Cutoffs --- 16:15-17:05 A. Arai (Hokkaido Univ.) Non-relativistic limit of a Dirac-Maxwell Hamiltonian 17:10-18:00 H. Spohn (TU Munchnen) The g-factor of the electron within non-relativistic QED Thursday, August 8 09:30-10:20 F. Xu (UC Riverside) Local conformal field theory 10:25-11:15 D. E. Evans (Cardiff) Modular invariants and subfactors 11:40-12:30 J. Roberts (Rome II Unv.) Superselection sectors for quantum field theory on curved spacetime 14:00-14:50 F. Hiai (Tohoku Univ.) Generalized quantum Markov chains 14:55-15:45 S. Neshveyev (Oslo Univ.) KMS states of Morita equivalent algebras and Pimsner algebras 16:15-17:05 S. B. Nachtergaele (UC Davis) Derivation of the Euler equations from many-body quantum mechanics 17:10-18:00 F. Hiroshima (Setsunan) Degenerate ground states of QED Friday, August 9 09:30-10:20 S. Vaes (Paris, Jussieu) Strange locally compact quantum groups coming from number theory 10:25-11:15 S. Woronowicz (Warsaw) Entropy and quantum groups 11:40-12:30 S. Yamagami (Ibaraki) On Frobenius algebras in tensor categories 14:00-14:50 T. Natsume (Nagoya IT) A little more about noncommutative spheres 14:55-15:45 V. Nistor (Penn State) A C*-algebra approach to elliptic theory on non-compact manifolds 16:15-17:05 K. Ono (Hokkaido) A_\infty algebra and Floer homology for Lagrangian submanifolds 17:10-18:00 A. Okounkov (Princeton) Gromov-Witten theory and random partitions Saturday, August 10 09:30-10:20 A. Hora (Okayama Univ.) Noncommutative aspect of central limit theorem related to Young diagrams and irreducible characters of the symmetric groups 10:25-11:15 S. Watanabe (Tokyo IT) Weak convergence of random free energy in information theory 11:40-12:30 S. Kotani (Osaka Univ.) KdV-equation and probability theory 14:00-14:50 A. Kishimoto (Hokkaido Univ.) Approximately inner flows and UHF flows 14:55-15:45 H. Kosaki (Kyushu) Means of Hilbert space operators: general theory and comparison of norms 16:15-17:05 V. Zagrebnov (CPT, Luminy) Gibbs Semigroups 17:10-18:00 F. Hansen (Copenhagen) Convex mappings and inequalities in operator algebra theory Sunday, August 11 09:30-10:20 G. Elliott(Univ. Toronoto) On the classification of AH C*-algebras 10:30-11:20 M. Izumi (Kyoto Univ.) Finite group actions on C*-algebras with Rohlin property 11:30-12:20 M. Rordam (Odense) A purely infinite AH-algebra and embeddings into AF-algebras