Workshop "Operator Algebras, Conformal
Field Theory and Related Topics"

September 8-19, 2008

Erwin Schrödinger Institute (ESI), Vienna, Austria

Organized by

Yasuyuki Kawahigashi


Roberto Longo


Karl-Henning Rehren


Jakob Yngvason


This is a part of the program "Operator Algebras and Conformal Quantum Field Theory", August 25-December 14, 2008.


10:00-11:0011:30-12:30 14:30-15:3016:00-17:00
Monday, September 8 BuchholzLechner MorsellaBostelmann
Tuesday, September 9 VoiculescuRadulescu Roberts
Thursday, September 11 BischAsaeda IzumiWenzl
Friday, September 12 DoplicherFredenhagen Guido
Monday, September 15 CarpiWeiner Nikolov Adamovic
Tuesday, September 16 RunkelEvans Barron
Thursday, September 18 ElliottPetkova HenriquesWassermann
Friday, September 19 SchweigertKirillov MügerSchroer

Drazen Adamovic: On the representation theory of a family of  C2-cofinite vertex operator superalgebras
Marta Asaeda: Non-existence of certain finite depth subfactors
Katrina Barron: N=2 genus-zero worldsheets and N=2 superconformal field
Dietmar Bisch: The Planar Algebra of Group-type Subfactors
Henning Bostelmann: The structure of dilation symmetries in the scaling limit of a quantum field theory
Detlev Buchholz: The resolvent algebra: A new approach to canonical quantum systems
Sebastiano Carpi: From vertex operator algebras to conformal nets
Sergio Doplicher: Quantum Spacetime and Noncommutative Geometry
Gorge Elliott: The cone of lower semicontinuous traces on a C*-algebra
David Evans: Modular invariants and twisted K-theory
Klaus Fredenhagen: The time slice axiom in perturbative Quantum Field Theory
Daniele Guido: Scaling limits and quantum Gromov-Hausdorff convergence
Andre Henriques: From elliptic cohomology to conformal nets
Masaki Izumi: Classification of certain tensor categories
Alexander Kirillov Jr.: G-crossed categories and G-modular functor
Gandalf Lechner: Deformations of Wightman Quantum Field Theories
Gerardo Morsella: Scaling limits for subsystems and Doplicher-Roberts reconstruction
Michael Müger: Modular extensions, crossed G-categories and permutation-orbifolds
Nicolay Nikolov: OPE algebras in globally conformal invariant QFT and beyond
Valentina Petkova: Pentagon equations  and their solutions in non-critical string theory
Florin Radulescu: Type II1 von Neumann algebra representations for arithmetical Hecke operators
John Roberts: Ergodicity, quantum symmetry and tensor categories
Ingo Runkel: Boundary CFT and Frobenius Algebras
Bert Schroer: Causal localization, inside/outside entanglement, entropy and all that
Christoph Schweigert: Modules and bimodules for bundle gerbes: Wess-Zumino terms for defects and boundaries
Dan Voiculescu: Free analysis: the analogue of the Riemann sphere
Antony Wassermann: Connes fusion for twisted loop groups
Mihaly Weiner: Local energy bounds
Hans Wenzl: Centralizers for spinor representations