C*-Algebras and their Invariants Cork, Ireland July 11-15, 1995 60 minutes plenary talks: J. Cuntz: The bivariant Chern character in non-commutative geometry R. G. Douglas: Induced cyclic cocycles and higher eta invariants A. Helemskii: Homology characteristics of operator algebras R. V. Kadison: A theorem of tensor products E. Kirchberg: The classification of purely infinite algebras G. K. Pedersen: Extensions of C*-algebras and multiplier realisations F. Radulescu: Subfactors in free group factors --- possible matrix models I. Raeburn: Crossed products by dual coactions C. F. Skau: Dimension groups, dynamical systems and C*-crossed products A. Verbeure: Dynamical systems of fluctuations 30 minutes plenary talks: L. A. Coburn: Deformations of C*-algebras M. Enock: Irreducible inclusions of factors and multiplicative unitaries D. E. Evans: Unitaries in Cuntz circle algebras L. Ge: Injective subalgebras of free products E. Gootman: Spectra for infinite tensor product type actions of compact groups J. Kaminker: K-theoretic duality for C*-algebras and applications in dynamics, topology, and physics Y. Kawahigashi: A new outer conjugacy invariant and a classification of automorphisms of subfactors E. C. Lance: Finitely presented C*-algebras P. Muhly: Hilbert modules over operator algebras R. Nest: Index theorems and cyclic cohomology J. Renault: Fourier algebras of measured groupoids and their multipliers J. Roberts: A theory of dimension N. Salinas: KK-theory and quasidiagonality B. Solel: Tensor algebras over operator modules D. Williams: An equivariant Brauer group and actions of groups on C*-algebras C. Winslow: A good topology on the semigroup of sectors on a von Neumann algebra S. Zhang: Purely infinite simple C*-algebras associated with free products of cyclic groups L. Zsido: On the foundation and consequences of the relativistic KMS condition 30 minutes parallel-sessions: S. Adji, E. Bedos, E. J. Beggs, A. Bottcher, R. Conti, T. Creedon, S. Eilers, A. Forrest, M. Frank, I. Fulman, S. Goto, U. Haag, M. Hilsum, C. Le Merdy, V. M. Manuilov, M. Mathieu, J. E. McCarthy, C. Olsen, H. Pfitzner, C. Pinzari, J. Schweizer, S. Silvestrov, F. Sukochev, W. Timmermann, E. V. Troitsky, J. Villadsen, S. Wassermann, N. Weaver, T. T. West, J. Zacharias