Invariants in Operator Algebra Copenhagen, Denmark, August 1992

August 24: V. F. R. Jones: Subfactors S. Popa: Classification of subfactors and related problems H. Wenzl: Braid type subfactors F. Radulescu: Subfactors in von Neumann algebras of free groups D. Evans (with Y. Kawahigashi): Modular invariants and orbfifold subfactors Y. Kawahigashi: Orbifold construction and an analogue of Connes $\chi(M)$ for subfactors A. Ocneanu: Subfactors, toplogical invariants and roots of unity Panel discussion: Jones, Kawahigashi, Ocneanu, Popa (chairman: Haagerup) Classification of subfactors August 25: V. Paulsen: Multilinear maps and completely bounded maps E. Christensen (with A. Sinclair): Cohomology for von Neumann algebras E. Effros: Quantized functional analysis of quantum groups E. Kirchberg: Discrete and compact qunatum Kac algebras J. Roberts (with D. Buchholz, S. Doplicher, R. Longo): Goldstone's theorem revisited R. Longo: Duality for Hopf algebras and for subfactors H. Araki: Operator algebra approach to soluble models of quantum spin lattice systems Panel discussion: E. Christensen, E. Effros, R. Longo, J. Robers (chairman: R. Kadison) Operator spaces and mathematical physics August 26: J. Cuntz (with Quillen): New approach to cyclic theory D. Voiculescu: Random matrices and free products O. Bratteli: Rohlin property for automorphisms of UHF algebras I. Raeburn: Topological invariants of crossed products I. Putnum (with Giordano, C. Skau): Topological orbit equivalence M. Rordam: Classification of inductive limits of Cuntz algebras August 27: B. Blackadar: Generalized AF algebras G. Elliott: Classification of amenable C*-algebras K. Thomsen: Inductive limits of circle algebras S. Zhang: K-theory for multiplier algebras L. Brown (with G. Pedersen): Extremely rich C*-algebras T. Loring: Dimension drop algebras N. C. Phillips: Exponential rank in operator algebras Panel discussion: B. Blackadar, L. Brown, J. Cuntz, G. Elliott (chairman: G. Pedersen) Classification of C*-algebras