Symosium honoring the memory of Gert K. Pedersen
Copenhagen, April 29-May 1, 2005

April 29, 9:30-10:05 Uffe Haagerup Invariant subspaces for operators in a general II_1 factor
April 29, 10:15-10:50 Frank Hansen Trace functions as Laplace transforms
April 29, 11:10-11:45 Magnus Landstad Various Hecke algebras, C*-completions and Morita equivalence
April 29, 11:55-12:30 Nadia Slavila Larsen Hecke algebras from induced representations and C*-completions
April 29, 14:00-14:35 Klaus Thomsen Inverses and lack of inverses to C*-extensions
April 29, 14:45-15:20 Francesc Perera The quest for algebraic analogues: extremal richness, the QB-property and non-stable K-Theory
April 29, 15:30-16:05 Jun Tomiyama Thirty five years between Copenhagen and Japan
April 29, 16:40-17:15 Erling Størmer Capacity for positive maps of finite dimensional C*-algebras
April 29, 17:25-18:00 George A. Elliott An application of some of Gert's results to characterize Hilbert modules in terms of continuous fields of Hilbert spaces
April 30, 9:30-10:05 Mikael Rørdam C*-algebras of real rank zero and their classification
April 30, 10:15-10:50 Joachim Cuntz An algebraic description of boundary maps in K-homology and index theory
April 30, 11:10-11:45 William B. Arveson Standard Hilbert modules over C[z_1, กฤ , z_d], K-homolgy of algebraic varieties, and Zelda's curse
April 30, 11:55-12:30 Gerard Murphy Index and representation theory for Toeplitz operators
April 30, 14:00-14:35 Soren Eilers Lifting with Gert
April 30, 14:45-15:20 David E. Evans Modular Invariants and Twisted K-theory
April 30, 15:30-16:05 Yasuyuki Kawahigashi Extensions of operator algebras and vertex operator algebras
April 30, 16:40-17:15 Sergio Doplicher Asymptotically Abelian Tensor C* Categories
April 30, 17:25-18:00 Adrian Ocneanu From Operator Algebras to Quantum Subgroups and Quantum Field Theory
May 1, 9:00-9:35 Lawrence G. Brown Generalizations of the non-commutative Tietze extension theorem
May 1, 9:45-10:20 Charles A: Akemann Gert's influence on two recent results: 1. Counterexample to Naimark's problem. 2. Weak* closure of unitary orbits
May 1, 10:40-11:15 Masamichi Takesaki After the work of Olesen-Pedersen-Takesaki
May 1, 11:25-12:00 Dorte Olesen The life and works of GKP