The Mathematical Foundations of Conformal Field Theory and Related Topics
June 10-14, 2019, the Chern Institute of Mathematics, China

Monday, June 10
8:50-9:35 J. Lepowsky A program to categorify "motivated proofs" of generalized Rogers-Ramanujan identities
9:40-10:25 Y.-Z. Huang Tensor category theory for vertex operator algebras, part I
11:00-11:45 I. Runkel A non-semisimple variant of the Verlinde formula
14:00-14:45 H. Li Deforming vertex algebras by vertex bialgebras
14:50-15:35 R. McRae Twisted modules in logarithmic conformal field theory
16:00-16:45 K. Kytölä Conformal field theory for probabilistic lattice models: from discrete complex analysis to Virasoro algebra
16:50-17:35 E. Peltola Conformal invariance of crossing probabilities in critical 2D lattice models
Tuesday, June 11
8:50-9:35 D. Adamović On logarithmic and Wittaker modules for affine vertex operator algebras and beyond
9:40-10:05 V. Pedić On fusion rules for the Weyl vertex algebra modules
10:10-10:35 A. Čeperić Higher Zhufs algebras for certain logarithmic vertex operator algebras
11:00-11:45 S. Wood I ain't afraid of no ghost
14:00-14:45 Y. Su Mixed cohomology of Lie superalgebras
14:50-15:35 Y. Gao Generalized P(N)-graded Lie superalgebras
16:00-16:45 J. Lepowsky Special Lecture
16:50-17:35 Open discussion on the work of Yi-Zhi Huang
Wednesday, June 12
8:50-9:35 T. Arakawa 4D/2D duality and Moore-Tachikawa symplectic varieties
9:40-10:25 Y.-Z. Huang Tensor category theory for vertex operator algebras, part II
11:00-11:45 K. Wendland On generic structures in K3 theories
Thursday, June 13
8:50-9:35 Y. Kawahigashi Anyons, matrix product operator algebras and subfactors
9:40-10:25 B. Gui Unitary vertex operator algebras, conformal nets, and their categorical extensions
11:00-11:25 N. Genra Coset constructions of W-algebras for type B
11:30-11:55 H. Zhao On Some VOAs Related to Jordan Algebras
14:00-14:45 S. Carnahan Monstrous Moonshine over Z
14:50-15:35 X. Zhang Deformation quantization and noncommutative Einstein field equations
16:00-16:45 S. Kanade Recent searches for q-series identities
16:50-17:35 S. Lentner Nichols algebras appearing in conformal field theory
Friday, June 14
8:50-9:35 D. Ridout Representations of simple affine vertex algebras
9:40-10:25 Y.-Z. Huang Tensor category theory for vertex operator algebras, part III
11:00-11:45 S. Moeller BRST construction of 10 Borcherds-Kac-Moody algebras
14:00-14:45 F. Qi Deformation theory of vertex algebras and meromorphic open-string vertex algebras
14:50-15:35 S. Wu Testing S-duality with non-orientable surfaces
16:00-16:45 S. Li Vertex algebras and quantum master equation