ICM 2002 Satellite Conference "Operator Algebras and Applications" Chengde, China August 14-18, 2002.
Wednesday, August 14

 9:30-10:20  U. Haagerup, University of Odense
             A New Application of Random Matrices: Ext(C*r(F2)) is not a Group

10:50-11:40  G. Pisier, Paris VI and Texas A & M University
             Grothendieck's Theorem for Operator Spaces

13:30-14:10  F. Xu, UC Riverside
             Local CFT's

14:30-17:45  Two parallel sessions

Thursday, August 15

 8:30- 9:20  G. Elliott, University of Toronto
             Amenable C*-algebras

 9:30-10:20  Z.-J. Ruan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
             Recent Development in Operator Spaces

10:50-11:40  E. G. Effros, UCLA
             More Elegant Matrix Tricks and Their Role in Operator Space Theory

11:50-12:15  Two parallel sessions

14:00-14:40  Y. Kawahigashi, University of Tokyo
             Classification of Local Conformal Nets: case c<1

15:00-17:55  Two parallel sessions

Friday, August 16

 8:00- 8:50  M. Rordam, University of Odense
             A Nuclear Simple C*-algebra with a Finite and an Infinite Projection

 9:00- 9:50  G. Gong, University of Puerto Rico
             Coarse Geometry and a Question of Gromov

10:10-11:00  D. Bisch, UC Santa Barbara
             Subfactors and Planar Algebras

11:10-11:50  K. Guo, Fudan University
             Equivalence of Hardy Submodules and Characteristic Space Theory

Saturday, August 17

 8:00- 8:50  G. Yu, Vanderbilt University
             Positive Scalar Curvature at Infinity and K-theory of Group C*-algebras

 9:00- 9:40  A. Kishimoto, Hokkaido University
             The Pure State Space of a Simple Separable C*-algebra is Homogeneous

10:10-10:50  M. Rieffel, UC Berkeley
             Group C*-algebras as Compact Quantum Metric Spaces

11:00-11:55  Two parallel sessions

13:30-14:10  S. Zhang, University of Cincinnati
             Infinitely Many Non-isomorphic Classes of Purely Infinite Simple C*-algebras

14:20-17:55  Two parallel sessions

Sunday, August 18

 8:00- 8:50  N. C. Phillips, University of Oregon
             The Structure of Higher Dimensional Noncommutative Tori

 9:00- 9:50  J. Cuntz, Muenster University
             Noncommutative Geometry and the Heisenberg Commutation Relations

10:10-11:00  C. Jiang, Hebei University of Technology
             Structure of Bounded Linear Operators

11:10-11:50  M. Izumi, Kyoto University
             Finite Group Actions on C*-algebras with the Rohlin Property

13:30-17:55  Two parallel sessions