EU-NCG 3rd Annual Meeting - Cardiff 2010

28 June - 2 July 2010
Cardiff University, Wales

Monday,     June 28
9:30-10:30Y. Kawahigashi
  Superconformal field theory and operator algebras
11:00-12:00T. Schücker
  Noncommutative geometry and the standard model
14:00-15:00J. Yngvason
  Quantum fields localized in cones and wedges
15:30-16:00C. Köstler
  Symmetries and invariance principles in noncommutative probability
17:00-18:00D. Voiculescu
  Probability and analysis at the highest degree of noncommutativity
Tuesday,     June 29
9:30-10:30J. Mickelsson
  Families of Dirac operators and quantum affine algebras
11:00-12:00R. Hillier
  Spectral Triples and an Index Pairing for Super-Conformal Nets
14:00-15:00A. Verbeure
  Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
15:15-16:15B. Durhuus
  The scattering problem for a noncommutative nonlinear Schrödinger equation
17:00-17:30R. Munteanu
  Fixed point factors under product type actions on ITPFI factors
17:30-18:00P. Grossman
  A quadrilateral in the Asaeda-Haagerup category
Wednesday,     June 30
9:00-10:00S. Hollands
  Perturbed vertex algebras and perturbative quantum field theories
10:00-11:00D. Bahns
  Distributions on Moyal space
11:30-12:30L. Zsido
  Relative weakly mixing for W*-dynamical systems
14:00-15:00M. Weiner
  An algebraic Haag's theorem
15:15-16:15A. Malik
  On a quantization formula for a class of symplectic symmetric space
17:00-17:30E. Ortega
  The Cuntz semigroup and the open projection
17:30-18:00T. Brzezinski
  Noncommutative integral forms
Thursday,     July 1
9:00-10:00M. Popa
  Some applications of non-commutative functions in operator-valued non-commutative probability
10:00-11:00T. Isola
  Line integrals of one-forms on the Sierpinski gasket
11:30-12:30D. Guido
  Some (noncommutative) geometrical aspects of the Sierpinski gasket
14:00-15:00B. Yalkinoglu
  On Bost-Connes type systems and Complex Multiplication
15:15-16:15W. Szymanski
  Endomorphisms of Cuntz algebras
17:00-17:30L. Paunescu
  Sofic equivalence relations and Connes' embedding problem
17:30-18:00H. Thiel
  The Chern character for low-dimensional spaces and applications
Friday,     July 2
9:00-10:00O. Uuye
  Homotopical algebra for C*-algebras
10:00-11:00K. De Commer
  Galois co-objects for von Neumann algebraic quantum groups
11:30-12:30E. Germain
  Focused Semester 7: Quantum Groups
14:00-15:00I. Androulidakis
  Pseudodifferential calculus for singular foliations
15:15-16:15D. O'Connor
17:00-17:30E. Morfa-Morales
  Deformations of quantum field theories on spacetimes with Killing vector fields
17:30-18:00P. Kasprzak
  Quantum homogeneous spaces