Topics on von Neumann algebras
March 24-28, 2008
Banff International Research Station, Canada

Monday, March 24
9:00-9:50Narutaka Ozawa On a class of II1 factors with at most one Cartan subalgebra, II
10:30-11:20Jesse Petersonvon Neumann subalgebras closed under (Gamma)-extensions
11:30-12:20Adrian IoanaOn the subequivalence relations induced by a Bernoulli action
15:00-15:30Jason AsherA Kuroshi type theorem for type III factors
16:00-16:50Zhenghan WanTopological phases of matter: classification and application
17:00-17:50Eric RowellTopological quantum computers: when universality fails
Tuesday, March 25
9:00-9:50Roman Sauerl1-orbit equivalence rigidity for hyperbolic lattices
10:00-10:30Mikael PichotThe Wise group
11:00-11:50Cyril HoudayerAnother construction of II1 factors with prescribed countable fundamental group
14:30-15:20Dietmar BischThe planar algebra of group-type subfactors
16:00-16:30Roman SasykOn the (non)classification of factors
16:35-17:25Pinhas GrossmanPairs of intermediate subfactors
Wednesday, March 26
9:00-9:50Uffe HaagerupSolution to the Effros-Ruan conjecture for bilinear forms on C*-algebras
10:30-11:20Ken DykemaConnes's embedding problem and Horn's inequalities
11:30-12:20Stefaan VaesActions of the free group F whose orbit equivalence relations and II1 factors have prescribed fundamental groups
Thursday, March 27
9:00-9:50Roberto LongoSUSY in the conformal world
10:30-11:20Feng XuAn application of mirror extension
11:30-12:00Richard BursteinSubfactors obtained from Hadamard matrices
14:30-15:20Yasuyuki KawahigashiSuper moonshine and operator algebras
16:00-16:30V. S. SunderNon-crossing partition ≌ 2-calbled Temperley-Lieb
16:40-17:30Marta AsaedaNon-existence of finite depth subfactors with certain small indices
Friday, March 28
9:00-9:30George ElliottPointed von Neumann algebras
9:40-10:30Narutaka OzawaCocycle superrigidity and profinite actions