Topics on von Neumann algebras
September 16-21, 2006
Banff International Research Station, Canada

Sunday, September 17
9:00-9:50Sorin Popa On the Super-rigidity of Malleable Actions
10:00-10:30Jesse PetersonL^2-rigidity in von Neumann algebras
11:00-11:50Narutaka OzawaA comment on the free group factors
14:30-15:20Nicolas Monod Splitting or Rigidity
16:00-16:50Mikael PichotThe space of triangle buildings
17:00-17:30 Adrian IoanaOrbit inequivalent actions for groups containing a copy of F_2
Monday, September 18
9:00-9:50Vaughan JonesConnes tensor product in quantum physics?
10:00-10:30Pinhas GrossmanForked Temperley-Lieb Algebras and Intermediate Subfactors
11:00-11:50Antony WassermannSegal fusion and Connes fusion
12:00-12:30V.S. SunderKac algebras, doubles and planar algebras
14:30-15:20Dietmar BischA continuous family of hyperfinite subfactors
16:00-16:50Masaki Izumi Type III factors distinguish (some) type III E_0-semigroups
17:00-17:30Eric RowellAlgebraic Problems in Topological Quantum Computing
20:00-20:50Stefaan VaesType II_1 factors without non-trivial finite index subfactors
Tuesday, September 19
9:00-9:50Uffe HaagerupClassiffication of hyperfinite factors up to completely bounded isomorphism of their preduals (joint work with Magdalena Musat)
10:00-10:30Kenley JungMicrostate Free Entropy Dimension
11:00-11:50Dmitri ShlyakhtenkoEstimates for free entropy dimension
12:00-12:30Ken DykemaFree Entropy Dimension in Amalgamated Free Products
Wednesday, September 20
9:00-9:50Terry GannonThe braid group and modular forms (among other things)
10:00-10:30Marta AsaedaGalois group obstruction to principal graphs
11:00-11:50David Evans Modular invariants, subfactors, and twisted K-theory
12:00-12:30Shamindra GhoshPlanar algebras: A category theoretic point of view
14:30-15:20Yasuyuki KawahigashiSuperconformal nets of factors and their classiffication
16:00-16:50Roberto LongoNuclearity for inclusions of real Hilbert spaces, representations of SL(2,R) and CFT
17:00-17:50Feng XuMirror extensions of local nets