2002 AMS Summer Research Conference Advances in Quantum Dynamics June 16 - June 20, 2002 Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, U.S.A.

June 16 June 17 June 18 June 19 June 20
8:30-9:20Bratteli 9:00-9:55Solel 9:00-9:55Kishimoto 8:30-9:20Evans 8:30-9:20Zacharias
9:25-10:00Gohm 10:00-10:35Hirshberg 10:00-10:35Greene 9:25-10:20Bhat 9:25-10:20Kawahigashi
10:30-11:05Remus 11:00-12:00Arveson 11:00-12:00Powers 11:00-11:55Kadison 11:00-12:00Powers
2:00-2:35Anshelevich 1:45-2:35Rosenthal 1:45-2:35Sakai 1:30-2:05Markiewicz
2:35-3:35Arveson 2:35-3:35Powers 2:35-3:35Arveson 2:05-3:00Sauvageot
4:05-5:00Takesaki 4:00-4:45Koestler 4:00-4:45Stormer 3:30-4:30Arveson
7:30-8:25Skeide 7:30-8:25Speicher

Titles: W. Arveson: Causality and dynamics in B(H) Generators of dynamics and dilations Existence of dynamics Spectrum of an E_0-semigroup R. Powers: CAR flows,... CP-flows A look at CP-flows of L2(R) A look at dimensions K=2 M. Anshelevich: Levy processes on a q-deformed full Fock space B. V. R. Bhat: Dominated quantum dynamical semigroups and dilation theory O. Bratteli: Wavelets, operators and an index theorem D. E. Evans: Modular invariants and subfactors R. Gohm: A duality between extension and dilation D. Greene: Free resolutions in multivariable operator theory I. Hirshberg: Continuous counterparts of Pimsner's algebras R. V. Kadison: Pythagoras Y. Kawahigashi: Classification of local conformal nets: case c < 1 A. Kishimoto: Reversible quantum dynamics C. Koestler: Are quantum Markov processes driven by quantum Levy processes? D. Markiewicz: On the product system of a completely positive semigroup H. Rosenthal: The Banach space structure of the preduals of type III von Neumann algebras S. Sakai: Some topics on normal derivations in UHF algebras and pure states of C*-algebras J.-L. Sauvageot: From quantum semigroups to quantum and classical geometry M. Skeide: Tensor product systems of Hilbert modules, E_0-semigroups, and CP-semigroups B. Solel: Dilations of quantum Markov processes R. Speicher: Non-commutative Brownian Motions E. Stormer: Ergodic theory and Masas in the hyperfinite factor M. Takesaki: Outer conjugacy of a countable discrete amenable group outer actions on AFD factors J. Zacharias: On the isomorphism problem for spectral algebras and its refinements