The Asian Mathematical Conference 2013
June 30-July 4, 2013, Bexico, Busan, Korea
SS09: Functional Analysis and Applications
Organizers: Liming Ge, Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (chair), Seung-Hyeok Kye, Narutaka Ozawa

Monday,     July 1
9:00-9:40Masaki Izumi
  Group actions on operator algebras
9:50-10:30Kunyu Guo
  Operator analogue of Mahler's measure
14:40-15:00Deepak Singh
  Some results on coupled coincidence and common fixed point theorems in partially ordered generalised fuzzy metric spaces
15:00-15:20Hiroyuki Osaka
  Inclusions of C*-algebras and the Rokhlin property
15:30-15:50Yuhei Suzuki
  Haagerup property for C*-algebras and rigidity of C*-algebras with property (T)
15:50-16:10Inhyeop Yi
  Asymptotic C*-algebras from Zk-actions on higher rank graphs
16:30-16:50Ju Myung Kim
  A bounded approximation of weakly compact operators
16:50-17:10Miyeon Kwon
  Dimension, linear functionals, and norms in a vector space
17:10-17:30Jung Rye Lee
  Functional inequalities in matrix normed spaces and applications
17:30-17:50Choonkil Park
  AQCQ-functional equation in matrix normed spaces
Tuesday,     July 2
9:00-9:40Huaxin Lin
  On the classification of simple C*-algebras
9:50-10:30Hiroki Matui
  Minimal dynamical systems and simple C*-algebras
14:40-15:00Eun Ji Kang
  Labeled graph C*-algebras that are approximately finite dimensional
15:00-15:20Dinh Trung Hoa
  On the generalized Powers-Stormer inequality
15:30-15:50Hyun Ho Lee
  Deformation of projections in the corona algebra of C(X)\otimes B
15:50-16:10Koichi Shimada
  Rohlin flows on amalgamated free product factors
16:30-16:50 Il Ju An
  Property (aw) for commutative perturbations of Banach space operators
16:50-17:10Ji Eun Lee
  Complex symmetric operator matrices and their decomposability
17:20-17:40Yoenha Kim
  Characterizations of binormal composition operators with linear fractional symbols on H2
17:40-18:00Sungeun Jung
  On self-commutators of invertible weighted composition operators on H2
Wednesday,     July 3
8:30-9:10Feng Xu
  On some problems motivated by group theory
9:20-10:00Yoshiko Ogata
  Probabilistic analysis of AF C*-systems
Thursday,     July 4
8:30-9:10Hun Hee Lee
  Weighted Fourier algebras of compact quantum groups: characters and finite dimensional representations
9:20-9:40Dinesh Panthi
  A fixed point theorem in dislocated quasi-metric space