Asian Mathematical Conference 2005
Singapore, July 20-23, 2005

July 20: 10.15am-11.15am
Ngaiming MOK: Geometry of the Bergman metric and total geodesy of local holomorphic isometries between bounded symmetric domains
July 20: 11.15am-12.15am
Masaki KASHIWARA: Crystal bases for quantized affine algebras
July 20: 1.30pm-2.10pm
S. M. BHATWADEKAR: Projective modules over smooth real affine algebras Dipendra PRASAD: Period integrals and L-functions Nawarat ANANCHUEN: Connected domination critical graphs with cut vertices Qi FENG: The Inner Model Program
July 20: 2.10pm-2.50pm
Jun-Mak HWANG: Space of surjective morphisms between projective varieties Jingsong HUANG: Characters and Dirac cohomology Jaigyong CHOE: Total curvature and isoperimetric inequality Chaoping XING: A characterization of quantum codes and constructions
July 20: 2.50pm-3.30pm
Victor DIDENKO: Spectral radius of refinement and subdivision operators for some classes of dilation matrices Weiping ZHANG: Bergman kernel and symplectic reduction Fengyu WANG: Dimension-free Harnack inequality for diffusion semigroups and applications Heng Huat CHAN: New series of \pi, 1/\pi, 1/\pi^2
July 20: 4.00pm-5.00pm
Short Communications
July 21: 9.00am-10.00am
Martin GOLUBITSKY: Coupled cell systems: theory and examples
July 21: 10.15am-11.15am
Lei GUO: Feedback and uncertainty
July 21: 11.20am-12.00pm
Ngo Viet TRUNG: Mixed multiplicities of ideals versus mixed volumes of polytopes Chao HSIUNG: Applications of statistics in genetic studies- gene mapping for complex diseases Hendra GUNAWAN: Generalized fractional integral operators and their modified versions (canceled)
July 21: 12.00pm-12.40pm
V. B. MEHTA: Singularities of moduli spaces of vector bundles on curves Qiman SHAO: Self-normalized limit theory and its recent development Toshiyasu ARAI: An expository survey on epsilon substitution method (canceled)
July 21: 2.00pm-2.40pm
Edy Tri BASKORO: On the structure of almost Moore digraphs containing selfrepeats Yupapom KEMPRASIT: Order-preserving transformation semigroups whose bi-ideals and quasi-ideals Seok-Jin KANG: Crystal bases for quantum affine algebras and combinatorics of Young walls Yongvimol LENBURI: Study of pattern selection in nonlinear phenomena by weakly nonlinear stability analysis
July 21: 2.40pm-3.20pm
Indranil BISWAS: Notes on holomorphic principal bundles over a compact Kaehler manifold Jie-Tai YU: On cancellation problems Toshiyuki KOBAYASHI: Multiplicity-free theorem and visible actions on complex manifolds Xun Yu ZHOU: Mean-risk portfolio selection: continuous-time and single period
July 21: 3.45pm-5.05pm
Short Communications
July 22: 9.00am-10.00am
Noga ALON: (n, d, \lambda)-graphs in combinatorics and complexity
July 22: 10.15am-11.15am
Tony F. CHAN: Combining PDE and wavelet techniques for image processing
July 22: 11.20am-12.00pm
Xing-Bin PAN: Nucleation of smectics and critical magnetic fields Xiangyu ZHOU: On invariant holomorphic extension Hiraku NAKAJIMA: Instanton counting Shigeru MUKAI: On the original fourteenth problem of Hilbert
July 22: 12.00pm-12.40pm
Suthep SUANTAI: On new fixed-point iterations for asymptotically nonexpansive mapping in Banach spaces Nathan LINIAL: Lifts of graphs Masatoshi NOUMI: Tropical combinatorics of Young tableaux Probal CHAUDHURI: Statistical learning from distributions of DNA words
July 22: 2.00pm-2.40pm
Vladimir ROMANOV: Uniqueness and stability in inverse problems for hyperbolic equations Rama PARIMALA: Arithmetic properties of certain 2-dimensional fields Yasuyuki KAWAHIGASHI: Classification of conformal field theories with operator algebras Arup BOSE: Record values
July 22: 2.40pm-3.20pm
Xiao-Ping WANG: The moving contact line on patterned surfaces Zongmin WU: Best quasi-interpolation and scattered data quasi-interpolation Kang ZUO : Arakelov inequalities and the uniformization of certain rigid Shimura varieties Cheng-Der FUH: Renewal theory and ruin probabilities in Markov random walks
July 22: 3.45pm-5.25pm
Short Communications
July 23: 9.30am-10.30am
Chi Tat CHONG: Reverse mathematics and logical analysis of Ramsey's theorem
July 23: 11.00am-12.00am
Ching-Shui CHENG: Orthogonal arrays as factorial designs
July 23: 9.10am-9.50am
Man Keung SIU: Mathematics in teaching and teaching of mathematics
July 23: 9.50am-10.30am
Fou-Lai LIN: False proposition - as a means for making conjectures in mathematics classrooms
July 23: 10.45am-11.25am
Khoon Yoong WONG: Add values to mathematics instruction: a Singapore initiative
July 23: 11.25am-12.05pm
Noriko H. ARAI: Let's Blend Online and Offline; "Write-in-Math!"
July 23: 12.05pm-12.45pm
Berinderjeet KAUR: Performance of Singapore's pupils in TIMSS Some pedagogical practices of mathematics teachers in singapore schools Cheng-Bo ZHU: Some aspects of unitary representations of classical groups Andrew RAJAH: From Moufang loops to groups: a journey Igor S. BORISOV: Stochastic integrals of nonrandom kernels for nonorthogonal noises and asymptotic analysis of canonical von Mises statistics of dependent observations
July 23: 2.00pm-2.40pm
Anthony KUK: Hybrid pairwise likelihood methods Masahiko MIYAMOTO: McKay's E_8-observation, a lattice VOA V_{E_8} and Coxeter elements Masakazu KOJIMA: Sums of squares relaxation of polynomial optimization problems Tong YANG: The contact discontinuity for gas motions
July 23: 2.40pm-3.20pm
Kim Chuan TOH: A semidefinite programming based approach for anchor-free 3D graph realization Arlene A. PASCASIO: The pseudo primitive idempotents of a distance-regular graph Benjamin YAKIR: On the distribution of linkage statistics for partially informative markers Ping LIN: Operator splitting and fast C^0 finite element methods for liquid crystal Flows
July 23: 3.40pm-4.20pm
Xing JIN: A state-space partitioning method for pricing high-dimensional American-style options Makoto MATSUMOTO: The action of the Galois group on the Lie algebra of the fundamental groups Wing Keung TO: Singular potential functions on Hermitian symmetric manifolds and some applications Jungho YOON: Stationary subdivision schemes reproducing polynomials
July 23: 2.00pm-3.20pm
Short Communications
July 23: 2.40pm-5.00pm
Teachers' Workshops