Workshop on Operator Algebra and Topology Aarhus, Denmark, June 19-30 1995 G. Bjorck: Cyclic n-roots and finite unimodular sequences with unimodular Fourier transforms M. Bozejko: Completely positive maps on Coxeter groups and models of non-commutative probability M. Choda: Index for subfactors and entropy for extensions of Bernoulli shifts D. E. Evans : Unitaries in Cuntz circle algebras F. Goodman: Subfactors from two-sided braid representations U. Haagerup: Orthogonal MASA's in the n x n matrices and cyclic n-roots V. F. R. Jones: Planarity of subfactors I, II P. Jorgensen: Deformations of C*-algebras -- free constructions Y. Kawahigashi: A new outer conjugacy invariant and a classification of automorphisms of subfactors A. Ocneanu: Classical and quantum subgroups of SU(2) and the classification of intermediate subfactors and connections I, II F. Radulescu: Subfactors of free group factors On invariant Berezin quantization of the upper half plane R. Speicher : Multiplication of n-tuples of free random variables E. Stormer: States and shifts on infinite free products of C*-algebras D. Voiculescu: Free probability theory Free entropy and the absence of Cartan subalgebras in free group factors H. Wenzl: Subfactors and topological quantum field theory