T. Kobayashi, Algebraic analysis of minimal representations, Publ. RIMS (Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences) 47, no. 2, Special issue in commemoration of the golden jubilee of algebraic analysis, (2011), 585-611. DOI: 10.2977/PRIMS/45. arXiv:1001.0224v1 [math.RT]..

Small representations of a group bring us to large symmetries in a representation space. Analysis on minimal representations utilises large symmetries in their geometric models, and serves as a driving force in creating new interesting problems that interact with other branches of mathematics. This article discusses the following three topics that arise from minimal representations of the indefinite orthogonal group:
  1. construction of conservative quantities for ultra-hyperbolic equations,
  2. quantative discrete branching laws,
  3. deformation of the Fourier transform with emphasis on the prominent roles of Sato's idea on algebraic analysis.

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