T. Kobayashi and B. Ørsted,
Analysis on the minimal representations of O(p,q), III. — Ultra-hyperbolic equations on Rp-1,q-1,
Adv. Math. 180 (2003), 551-595, math.RT/0111086..
For the group O(p,q) we give a new construction of its minimal unitary representation via Euclidean Fourier analysis. This is an extension of the q = 2 case, where the representation is the mass zero, spin zero representation realized in a Hilbert space of solutions to the wave equation. The group O(p,q) acts as the Moebius group of conformal transformations on Rp-1, q-1, and preserves a space of solutions of the ultrahyperbolic Laplace equation on Rp-1, q-1. We construct in an intrinsic and natural way a Hilbert space of ultrahyperbolic solutions so that O(p,q) becomes a continuous irreducible unitary representation in this Hilbert space. We also prove that this representation is unitarily equivalent to the representation on L2(C), where C is the conical subvariety of the nilradical of a maximal parabolic subalgebra obtained by intersecting with the minimal nilpotent orbit in the Lie algebra of O(p,q).

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