Symmetry Breaking Operators for Orthogonal Groups O(n, 1). Harmonic Analysis and the Trace Formula. Oberwolfach, Germany, 21-27 May 2017.

For an irreducible representation π of a group G and a subgroup G', the restriction π|G' may not be well under control as a representation of G'. I proposed in [1] to study branching problems of reductive groups into thrree stages:

Stage A: Abstract feature of the restriction π|G'
Stage B: Branching laws.
Stage C: Construction of symmetry breaking operators (SBO).

One of the results in Stage A is:

Theorem 1 (geometric criteria for finite/bounded multiplicities,[4])
(1) The space of SBOs are finite dimensional for any irreps Leftrightarrow G×G'/diag(G') is real spherical.
(2) The space of SBOs are of uniformly bounded dimension Leftrightarrow G×G'/diag(G') is spherical.

A classification of (G,G') satisfying the geometric criteria was accomplished in [3]. Then, a priori estimate in Stage A predicts potentially interesting settings for a detailed study of branching problems (Stages B and C). I illustrate this program by the first complete solution to Stage C.

Another motivation also comes from conformal geometry:

Question 2. Given a Riemannian manifold X and its hypersurface Y, find conformally covariant SBOs from differential i-forms on Xj-forms on Y.

The model space with largest symmetries satisfies the criterion in Theorem 1, and Question 2 is regarded as Stages B and C of branching problems. I explain a complete solution [2,5,6]. Some of the methods developed in the proof are applicable in a more general setting that Stage A (Theorem 1) suggests.

Finally, some applications of these results include: periods of irreducible unitary representations with nonzero cohomologies, an evidence of Gross-Prasad conjecture [6] for O(n,1), a construction of discrete spectrum of the branching laws of complementary series [5].

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