Conformally Equivariant Differential Operators and Branching Problems of Verma Modules. Workshop on Geometric Analysis on Euclidean and Homogeneous Spaces (in honor of Sigurdur Helgason's 85th birthday, in conjuction with the AMS special session ''Radon Transforms and Geometric Analysish, January 5-7, 2012). Tufts University, USA, 8-9 January 2012.

The restriction of simple modules of simple Lie algebras with respect to symmetric pairs is nor very simple, and I will discuss some wild feature together with a criterion of ''discrete decomposability'' as a nice feature.

As its application, I plan to propose a new method to obtain Cohen-Rankin operators for holomorphic automorphic forms and Juhl's conformally equivariant differential operators together with their generalizations.

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