Biography of Teiji Takagi

1875.4.21 Born in Gifu Prefecture, Japan Teiji Takagi
Professor Teiji Takai (1875--1960)
1894 Entered the Department of Mathematics, Imperial University of Tokyo
1897 Entered the Graduate School of the same university
1898--1901 Studied in Berlin and Göttingen
1903 Received the degree of Doctor of Science from the Imperial University of Tokyo
1904 Appointed Professor at the Imperial University of Tokyo
1920 Published his main paper on the class field theory
1925 Elected Member of the Imperial Academy of Japan
1936 Served on the 1st Fields Medal Committee
1938 Published the book A Course on Analysis (in Japanese)
1940 Received Culture Medal
1960.2.28 Died at the Hospital of Tokyo University
Decorated posthumously with the Order of the Rising Sun of the First Grade

Extracted from "On the establishment of the Takagi Lectures" by
Toshiyuki Kobayashi, Japan. J. Math. 2 (2007) 145--148.

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