The eighth Takagi Lectures
November 23, 2010 (Tue)
10:05--11:05, 14:00--15:00
Lecture Hall (Room No. 420)
Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

Quantization via mirror symmetry
Sergei Gukov
(California Institute of Technology)


When combined with mirror symmetry, the A-model approach to quantization leads to a fairly simple and tractable problem. The most interesting part of the problem then becomes finding the mirror of the coisotropic brane. We illustrate how it can be addressed in a number of interesting examples related to representation theory and gauge theory, in which mirror geometry is naturally associated with the Langlands dual group. Hyperholomorphic sheaves and (B,B,B ) branes play an important role in the B-model approach to quantization.