L-functions of automorphic forms and related problems

March 10 - 13, Math.-Sci., Komaba I Campus, the University of Tokyo

The morning session starts from 10:30, the afternoon session starts from 14:15.
Every talk is one hour talk. There are 15 minutes break between talks.

Remark. There will be a special lecture after the workshop.

March 13, 15:00-16:00 at the room 050
Aleksandar Ivic: (University of Belgrade, the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts)
"Problems and results on Hardy's Z-function"

   Nikolai Proskurin (Steklov, St. Petersburg)
   Masatoshi Suzuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
   Takayuki Oda (the University of Tokyo) : Email: Takayuki.Oda at gmail.com

This workshop is supported by
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) 23244003.