(1) From TOKYO/NARITA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT to TOKYO, JR (Japan Railway) is recommended. Buy a ticket to SHIBUYA (on Yamanote line). Some express train comes directly to SHIBUYA, but in other cases you change at TOKYO to Yamanote line. Or, you may use Keisei line to come to NIPPORI on Yamanote line, and then change to Yamanote line to go to SHIBUYA; in fact, this is cheaper, but it is a bit more complicated. In any case, everywhere you may find direction signs in roman letters. So just follow them. At SHIBUYA you change to Inogashira line, buying a ticket of 120 Yen, and then the second station from SHIBUYA is KOMABA TODAIMAE, where you get off.
(2) Then you will see some buildings of U-Tokyo on right side of the moving direction. Move backward to Shibuya direction and walk up the stairs.
(3) After getting out the check gate you make left turn, and walk down the stairs. You will find the main gate of the campus and guard men, whom you ask to use the telephone to call 48336, Noguchi's office.
(4) Or, as indicated in the map of ``Access to School of Math. Scie., Komaba Campus'', you may make right turn after getting out the check gate, and walk down the stairs. Then you move directly to the building of Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences. Be careful to cross the railroad in the middle of the course.
(5) My Office is No. 463, located on 4th floor of the building of Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences.
Office Tel/Fax: (+81 country code) 03(area code)-5465-8336.