RIMS Workshop ``Representation Theory and Analysis on Homogeneous Spaces"

OrganizerFHideko Sekiguchi (University of Tokyo)

August 21, 14:00 -- August 24, 12:00, 2006
Room 420, RIMS, Kyoto University


August 21 (Mondayj

14:00 -- 14:50 Nobuhiko Tatsuuma
               Duality Theorem for Inductive Limit Groups of Direct  Product Type
15:05 -- 15:55 Toshiyuki Kobayashi (RIMS)
               On Compact Locally Symmetric Spaces

16:10 -- 17:00 Toshio Oshima (University of Tokyo)
               Systems of differential equations with regular singlarities

August 22 (Tuesday)

10:00 -- 10:50 Masahiko Kanai (Nagoya University)
               Rigidity of the Weyl chamber flow
               and the classical vanishing theorems of Weil and Matsushima

11:05 -- 11:55 Ken-ichi Yoshikawa (University of Tokyo)
               A duality between K3 surfaces and Del Pezzo surfaces

13:30 -- 14:20 Taro Yoshino (RIMS)
               No English Title

14:35 -- 15:25 Kazuko Konno (Fukuoka University of Education) -- Takuya Kon-no (Kyushu University)
               On doubling construction for real unitary dual pairs

15:40 -- 16:10 Yasufumi Hashimoto (Kyushu University)
               Analytic properties of prtial zeta functions 

August 23 (Wednesday)

10:00 -- 10:50 Atsumu Sasaki (Waseda University)
               Visible actions on irreducible multiplicity-free spaces

11:05 -- 11:55 Katsuhiko Kikuchi (Kyoto University)
               Invariant polynomials and invariant differential operators 
               for multiplicity-free actions of rank 3 

13:30 -- 14:20 Takayuki Oda (University of Tokyo) -- Masao Tsuzuki (Sophia University)
               The secondary spherical functions and Green currents for certain symmetric pairs

14:35 -- 15:25 Gen Mano (RIMS)
               A continuous family of unitary representations with two hidden symmetries--an example

15:40 -- 16:30 Noriyuki Abe (University of Tokyo)
               Jacquet modules of  principal series generated by the trivial $K$-type

August 24 (Thursday)

10:00 -- 10:50 Minoru Itoh (Kagoshima University)
               Schur type functions associated to polynomial sequences of binomial type
@             and eigenvalues of central elements of universal enveloping algebras

11:10 -- 12:00 Junko Inoue (Tottori University)
               A characterization of certain spaces of $C^\infty$-vectors
               of irreducible representations of solvable Lie groups