July 15 Sunday  @ Lecture room “Lemier”
14:30--15:20 : John Bland (University of Toronto)
    A nonlinear hodge theory for 3 dimensional CR structures
15:40--16:30 : Sung Ho Wang (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)
    Some applications of Frobenius theorem to CR geometry
16:40--17:30 : Keizo Yamaguchi (Hokkaido University)
    Drapeaux Theorem for Differential Systems
July 16 Monday @ Auditorium
9:00--9:50 : Wilhelm Kaup (University of Tuebingen)
    Homogeneous Levi degenerate CR-manifolds
10:00--10:50 : Keiji Oguiso (Keio University)
    Connecting certain rigid birational non-homeomorphic Calabi--Yau threefolds via Hilbert scheme
11:00--11:50 : Thomas Peternell (University of Bayreuth)
    Coverings of projective and Kähler manifolds: self-maps, deformations and classification
14:00--14:50 : Ryushi Goto (Osaka University)
    Deformations of generalized Kähler and Calabi-Yau structures
15:00--15:50 : Dan Popovici (University of Toulouse)
    Morse Inequalities: the singular and transcendental cases
16:00--16:50 :  Kazushi Ueda (Osaka University)
     Mirror symmetry and monodromy of hypergeometric functions
17:00--17:50 : Dror Varolin (Stony Brook University)
    Twisted versions of Skoda's Theorem and applications
Night session ----- Lecture room 6
20:00--20:30 : Miroslav Englis (Silesian Universiry)
    Toeplitz operators and weighted Bergman kernels
20:30--21:00 : Khalid Koufany (University of Nancy)
    The Poisson transform on bounded symmetric domains
July 17 Tuesday @ Auditorium
9:00--9:50 : Mitsuhiro Shishikura (Kyoto University)
    Renormalization in Complex Dynamics and iteration in a Teichmüller space
10:00--10:50 : Francois Berteloot (University of Toulouse III, Paul Sabatier)
    Bifurcation currents in holomorphic dynamics
11:00--11:50 : Erwan Rousseau (Universite Louis Pasteur)
   On the Kobayashi conjecture
14:00--14:50 : Bent Orsted (Aarhus University)
    Unitary representations associated with CR geometry
15:00--15:50 : Dariusz Buraczewski (University of Wroclawski)
    The Hua operators on Hermitian symmetric spaces
16:00--16:50 : Hideyuki Ishi (Nagoya University)
    Generalized Bergman mappings and their applications
18:30---20:30 Party
July 18 Wednesday @ Auditorium
9:00--9:50 : Ian Graham (University of Toronto)
    The Roper-Suffridge operator and relatd extension operators
10:00--10:50 : Adam Harris (University of New England)
    J-holomorphic embedding of asymptotic cylinders and dynamically convex Finsler structures
11:00--11:50 : Friedrich Haslinger (University of Vienna)
    Operator properties for the d-bar Neumann problem