Hayama Symposium has moved to summer!  For more information, please contact one of the organizers listed below.  The talks will start 15th in the afternoon and the last talk will end 18th around the noon.
Hayama Symposium on
Complex Analysis in
Several Variables
Last updated: July 9, 2007
Keiji Oguiso (Yokohama & Seoul)
Thomas Peternell (Bayreuth)
Dan Popovici (Toulouse)
Erwan Rousseau (Strasbourg)
Mitsuhiro Shishikura (Kyoto)
Kazushi Ueda (Osaka)
Dror Varolin (Stony Brook)
Sung Ho Wang (Seoul)
Keizo Yamaguchi (Sapporo)
Miroslav Englis (Prague)
Friedrich Haslinger (Vienna)
John Bland (Toronto)
Dariusz Buraczewski (Wroclaw)
Francois Berteloot (Toulouse)
Ian Graham (Toronto)
Ryushi Goto (Osaka)
Adam Harris (New England)
Hideyuki Ishi (Nagoya)
Wilhelm Kaup (Tuebingen)
Bent Orsted (Aarhus)
Khalid Koufany (Nancy)
Kengo Hirachi (Tokyo) Chair
Shigeharu Takayama (Tokyo)
Ken-ichi Yoshikawa (Tokyo)
Hayama satellite conference “Holomorphic mappings, Kobayashi hyperbolicity and Diophantine approximation” will be held at The University of Tokyo from July 20 to 23. This conference is organized by J. Noguchi (Tokyo), J. Winkelmann (Bayreuth).
July 15–18, 2007
Speakers and tentative Program (updated July 9)
Registration and Accommodation:  
 Shonan Village Center (http://www.shonan-village.co.jp/english/): this page contains the information about the transportation from the airport.
Single Room     
Economy Twin Room
* Accommodation reservation is applied the 'first come, first served' basis.
* Speakers have priority over the room assignment and kindly asked to reserve the room early.
* No registration fee, no extra charge for the party, and no refund even if you cancel last lunch.
* Cancellatin fee will be charged as follows for the accommodation reservation from 2 weeks before the symposium date.   From July 1 to 11--One night charge; From July 12 --Full charge
13,000 yen
11,500 yen
Inquiries for the accommodation at Hayama:
Kei Matsumoto(Mr.), Nozomi Shishikura (Ms.), Village Shonan, Inc.
Tel +81-46-855-1800  Fax +81-46-855-1816
Inquiries for the progam:
Kengo Hirachi, University of Tokyo
E-mail: (last name)@ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp Tel & Fax: +81-3-5465-7048
Accommodations out side of Hayama: If you want book a hotel room before/after the meeting, follow this link.
REGISTRATION: Japanese Japanese version
Please use the online registration form above to register for the symposium and to make reservation for the accommodation. Deadline of registration is June 30, 2007.
Special conference package rate per night, per person including 3 meals, service charge and tax is offered as follows in the Shonan Village Center.
Some financial support will be available. Please contact K. Hirachi for details.