Hayama Symposium on
Complex Analysis in Several Variables 2005

Shonan Village Center, December 18 - 21


December 18 Sunday

15:45--16:35 : A. Fujiki (Osaka)
emberCompact non-kaehler threefolds associated to hyperbolic 3-manifolds
16:40--17:30 : N. Honda (TIT)
embeExplicit example of Moishezon twistor spaces and their minitwistor spaces
17:40--18:30 : J. Duval (Toulouse)
emberSingularities of Ahlfors currents

20:00--20:30 T.Akahori (Hyogo)
emberAn application of the Hamiltonian flow to the \overline\ partial equation
20:35--21:05 Z. Lu (Irvine)
emberDiscrete spectrum of the quantum tubes

December 19 Monday

9:00--9:50 : M. Saito (RIMS)
emberMultiplier ideals and b-function
10:00--10:50 : H. Gaussier (Marseille)
emberSome study of strictly pseudoconvex domains in almost complex manifolds
11:00--11:50 : G. Dloussky (Marseille)
emberOn a classification of non-kahlerian surfaces
14:00--14:50 :
H. De Thelin (Orsay)
emberSaddle measures for holomorphic endomorphisms of CP^2
15:00--15:50 : K. Hirachi (Tokyo)
emberFefferman-Graham metric for even dimensional conformal structures
16:00--16:50 : G. Marinescu (Frankfurt)
emberAsymptotic expansion of the Bergman kernel on non-compact manifolds
17:00--17:50 : X. Ma (Ecole Polytechnique)
emberBergman kernel and geometric quantization

20:00--20:30 A. Brudnyi (Calgary)
emberHolomorphic functions of slow growth on coverings of pseudoconvex domains in
emberStein manifolds
20:35--21:05 J.-C. Joo (POSTECH)
emberRemovable singularity theorems for pseudo-holomorphic maps
21:10--21:40 K.-H. Lee (POSTECH)
emberStrongly pseudoconvex homogeneous domains in almost complex manifolds

December 20 Tuesday

9:00--9:50 : J. Noguchi (Tokyo)
emberRecent progress in the theory of holomorphic curves
10:00--10:50 : S. Cho (Busan)
emberExtension of CR structures on three dimensional compact pseudoconvex CR manifolds
11:00--11:50 : H.W. Lu (Tongji)
emberThe dimension of the automorphic forms of n-ball
14:00--14:50 : M. Englis (Prag)
emberHarmonic and pluriharmonic Berezin transforms
15:00--15:50 : H.J. Lee (POSTECH)
emberThe logarithmic singularities of the Bergman kernels for tube domains
16:00--16:50 : S. Fu (Camden)
emberHearing the type of a domain in C^2 with the d-bar-Neumann Laplacian
17:00--17:50 : Y. Ishii (Kyushu)
emberInvariants for holomorphic/rational dynamics: a survey

18:30---20:30 Party

December 21 Wednesday

8:45--9:35 : R. Ponge (Tokyo)
emberAnalogues of the holomorphic Morse inequalities in CR geometry
9:40--10:30 : G. Francsics (Michigan State)
emberSpectral analysis on complex hyperbolic spaces
10:40--11:30 : 10:40--11:30 M.Suzuki (Kyushu)

emberA survey of the late Professor T.Nishino's works (in Japanese)