OHTA, Yoshihiro

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Title Project Professor
Field Applied Mathematics
Research interests
Mathematical Biology,Cellular automata
Current research

My research activity focuses on the study of the modeling and simulations of RNAPII traffic flow in transcription that allows preferential paths of different dimensions only restricted to visit some transit points, and the SO(3) rotation of the peptide unit in the protein backbone structure mapped onto the annulus.

Selected publications
  1. Ohta Y, Nishiyama A, Wada Y, Ruan Y, Kodama T, Tsuboi T, Tokihiro T, Ihara S., "Path-preference cellular-automaton model for traffic flow through transit points and its application to the transcription process in human cells", Physical Review E 86, 021918, (2012).
  2. Ohta Y, Kodama T, Ihara S, "Cellular-automaton model of the cooperative dynamics of RNA polymerase II during transcription in human cells", Physical Review E 84, 041922 (2011).
  3. Daigo K*, Kawamura T*, Ohta Y* (* equally), Ihara S, Hamakubo T. et al, "Proteomic analysis of native hepatocyte nuclear factor-4α (HNF4α) isoforms, phosphorylation status, and interactive cofactors", The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol.286, No.1, pp.674-686, Jan. 7, (2011).
  4. Papantonis A, Larkin JD, Wada Y, Ohta Y, Ihara S, Kodama T, Cook PR, "Active RNA Polymerases: Mobile or Immobile Molecular Machines?", PLoS Biology, July (2010), Volume 8, Issue 7, e1000419.
  5. Wada Y* & Ohta Y* (* equally), Kodama T, Cook PR, Ihara S. et al, "A Wave of Nascent Transcription on Activated Human Genes", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, (2009) Oct 27;106( 43) :18357-61,

The EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) Cover Contest 2011

Nature Asia-Pacific HIGHLIGHTS, 23 February 2010.

Science Editors' Choice vol.326, 13 Nov. 2009.