Submission of a paper to International Journal of Mathematics

I am an editor of International Journal of Mathematics.

As written in the official instruction page, we prefer electronic submissions. The following forms are acceptable.

The second method is more convenient for me. Among the file formats in the first method, the most convenient one for me is PDF. I will be glad if you put "IJM submission" in the subject line of your e-mail message.

Any submission will be acknowledged promptly, within 24 hours in almost all cases. If you do not receive my acknowledgement within one week, please write to me again. If you still do not receive anything from me, please try FAX (+81-3-5465-7012) or airmail to the address below. Please note that e-mail messages from/to hotmail or yahoo addresses have been lost in many cases. Also Gmail sometimes labels my e-mail messages as spams.

If the source (La)TeX file is not supplied at the time of a submission, we will need the file after acceptance of the paper.

Yasuyuki Kawahigashi
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Tokyo
3-8-1 Komaba, Tokyo, 153-8914

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