1. Invariant subrings under wild p-cyclic actions
  2. Correspondence of $\Delta$-test ideals and multiplier ideals

  3. An introduction to multiplier ideals I, II, III

  4. Multiplier ideals and tight closure

  5. An interpretation of multiplier ideals via tight closure

  6. Correspondence of F-singularities and singularities arising in birational geometry

  7. A characteristic p approach to multiplier ideals

  8. When does the subadditivity theorem for multiplier ideals hold?

  9. A characterization of the ideal $\tau(I)$ and its applications

  10. On the subadditivity theorem for multiplier ideals

  11. A characteristic p approach to multiplier ideals and Skoda's theorem

  12. On jet schemes after Mustata

  13. F-singularities of pairs and their applications

  14. Inversion of Adjunction of arbitrary codimension for lc pairs

  15. Inversion of Adjunction of higher codimension

  16. A tight closure theoretic approach to multiplier ideals

  17. F-pure thresholds vs. Log canonical thresholds

  18. A generalization of Mustata's summation theorem for multiplier ideals

  19. F-pure thresholds

  20. Bernstein polynomials and F-jumping numbers

  21. An introduction to tight closure

  22. A subadditivity property of multiplier ideals on singular varieties

  23. A characteristic p analogue of a subadditivity property of multiplier ideals

  24. Asymptotic multiplier ideals and symbolic powers

  25. Frobenius map and singularities

  26. F-thresholds and Bernstein-Sato polynomials

  27. F-thresholds and multiplicities

  28. Plt singularities, adjoint ideals and divisorial tight closure (i), (ii)

  29. A characterization of plt singularities via Frobenius splitting

  30. Examples of F-pure thresholds

  31. Recent topics on multiplier ideals
    (Introduction to multiplier ideals, Multiplier ideals and inversion of adjunction, Applications of asymptotic multiplier ideals)

  32. 正標数の可換環論の代数幾何への応用

  33. Fine behavior of symbolic powers of ideals

  34. F-pure thresholds and log canonical thresholds

  35. D-modules over rings with finite F-representation type

  36. A characteristic p analogue of adjoint ideals

  37. A generalization of adjont ideals to the higher codimension case

  38. Finiteness properties of rings with finite F-representation type

  39. Rationality of F-jumping exponents on singular varieties

  40. Topics on generalized test ideals

  41. Computations of log canonical thresholds: a positive characteristic approach

  42. F-thresholds, tight closure, integral closure, and multiplicity bounds

  43. Adjoint ideals along closed subvarieties of higher codimension

  44. A positive characteristic approach to log canonical thresholds

  45. Introduction to F-singularities

  46. Log canonical thresholds of binomial ideals

  47. Computations of log canonical thresholds

  48. 可換環論の発展 --ホモロジカル予想を中心として--

  49. Discreteness and rationality of F-jumping numbers on singular varieties

  50. On F-jumping numbers

  51. A geometric interpretation of F-thresholds with respect to parameter ideals

  52. Multiplicities and jumping numbers

  53. On parameter F-jumping numbers

  54. Non-lc ideal sheaves

  55. Parameter test submodules and their applications

  56. A correspondence of F-purity and log canonicity

  57. 対数的標準特異点と通常還元予想

  58. On a correspondence between log canonicity and F-purity

  59. F-purity of isolated log canonical singularities

  60. 特異点論における正標数の手法

  61. A characterization of log Fano varieties via Cox rings

  62. On the F-purity of log canonical singularities

  63. F-singularities and a conjecture of Mustata-Srinivas

  64. A correspondence between F-singularities and singularities in the minimal model program

  65. Globally F-regular and Frobenius split surfaces

  66. A geometric interpretation of 3-dimensional F-regular graded rings

  67. Weak ordinarity conjecture and F-singularities

  68. F特異点と極小モデル理論に現れる特異点

  69. Nilpotency of Frobenius and divisor class groups

  70. F特異点論の最近の進展について

  71. Frobenius action on local cohomology and the Hodge filtration

  72. Depth and cohomological dimension

  73. 深さとコホモロジー次元

  74. Vanishing of local cohomology and local Picard groups

  75. $F$-singularities and Weak ordinarity conjecture

  76. On the tautness of $F$-singularities

  77. A criterion for strongly $F$-regular rings to be Gorenstein

  78. F‑singularities and singularities in birational geometry

  79. A Gorenstein criterion for strongly F-regular and log terminal singularities

  80. A Gorenstein criterion for strongly F-regular rings

  81. General hyperplane sections of canonical 3-folds in positive characteristic

  82. F特異点と3次元準射影多様体の一般の超平面切断

  83. General hyperplane sections of threefolds in positive characteristic

  84. On F-pure thresholds (a series of 5 lectures)

  85. 正標数の可換環論におけるフロべニウス射を用いた手法

  86. Finitistic test ideals on numerically Q-Gorenstein varieties

  87. Vanishing theorems on globally F-regular varieties

  88. Test ideals on numerically Q-Gorenstein rings

  89. 代数多様体の特異点論と正標数の手法

  90. On threefolds of globally F-regular type

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