This is where I store my old photos.

I guess almost all mathematicians love climbing. I climbed up a mountain near CIRM with several mathematicians. This photograph was taken at the top of the mountain by my friend Hayasaka (June, 2003).
I am going up steep (but not snowy) stairs of Mayan Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza (March, 2005).
The left photograph was taken by Prof. Hashimoto. I am going up stairs of the castle in Ile d`If where is famous about "Le Comte de Monte-Cristo" (May, 2006).
I am walking along Charles river in Cambridge, whose surface has been frozen (March, 2007).
I'm walking up a snowy mountain in Banff, Canada. I thank Hailong Dao for taking the photo (June, 2007).
I'm standing in front of Big Ben (July, 2007).
Just as I did 5 years ago, I'm going up a mountain near CIRM with several mathematicians. I thank Koji Nishida for taking the photo (Oct, 2008).
The tower is the Burton Memorial Tower at the University of Michigan. How many of me can you find in this photo? I thank Yukinori Kitadai for taking and making it (May, 2010).
The left photo, taken in January 2011, brings back memories of my stay in Boston. Boston got a lot of snow in that winter (April, 2011).
I am going up stairs to a corridor in a hotel in London. It's like a maze and reminds me of Escher's prints (November, 2012).
Studying Mathematics is sometimes like looking for a quarter in a thick fog. In the left photo, I am looking for the Golden Gate Bridge in a thick fog in a morning in May, 2013.
In the left photo, I'm standing in front of Boya Pagoda at Peking University. It has more than 10 stories and I've never seen such a tall Pagoda before (April, 2016).
In the left photo, I'm going up the stairs of Pom├ęguet tower on Frioul archipelago, located approximately 4km from Marseille. I thank Yoshinori Gongyo for taking this photo (Sep, 2016).

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