RIMS workshop
Spectral and Scattering Theory and Related Topics

December 6th (Wed.) - 8th (Fri.), 2017
Venue: RIMS, Kyoto University, Room 111.


December 6 (Wed.)
14:30-15:30 András Vasy (Stanford University)
Fredholm theory and the resolvent of the Laplacian near zero energy
on asymptotically conic spaces
15:50-16:50Haruya Mizutani (Osaka University)
Uniform Sobolev estimates for Schrödinger operators with scaling-critical
December 7 (Thur.)
10:00-11:00Keiichi Kato (Tokyo University of Science)
Wave packet transform and wave front set of solutions to Schrödinger
11:20-12:20Xue Ping Wang (University of Nantes)
Gevrey estimates of the resolvent and sub-exponential time-decay of
14:00-15:00Julien Royer (University of Toulouse 3)
Local energy decay for the asymptotically periodic damped wave equation
15:20-16:00Yukimi Goto (University of Tokyo)
The absence of the ground state for Coulomb systems with the critical
16:10-16:50Kouichi Taira (University of Tokyo)
Strichartz estimates for non-degenerate Schrödinger equations
December 8 (Fri.)
10:00-11:00Fumihiko Nakano (Gakushuin University)
Level statistics for 1 dimensional Schrödinger Operators
11:20-12:20Peter Müller (University of Munich)
Changing boundary conditions and the spectral shift
14:00-15:00Hideo Tamura (Okayama University, emeritus)
Efimov effect in two dimensions : asymptotic distribution of negative
15:20-16:20Erik Skibsted (Aarhus University)
Spectral analysis of N-body Schrödinger operators at thresholds

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Organizer: Shu Nakamura (University of Tokyo)