Submitted Preprints

・N. Ito and Y. Takimura, Crosscaps and knot projections, preprint
・N. Ito and Y. Takimura, A characterization of knot projections by triple chords (2017/10/29)
・Y. Funakoshi, M. Hashizume, N. Ito, T. Kobayashi, H. Murai,  A distance on the equivaelnce classes generated by deformations of type RI (2017/10/26)
・N. Ito and Y. Takimura, A tabulation of prime knot projections up to eight double points (2017/8/23)
・N. Ito, On Khovanov complexes (2015/10)
・N. Ito, Space of chord diagrams on spherical curves (2014/11)