Submitted Preprints

・N. Ito and Y. Takimura, RII number of knot projections (2018/11/16) PDF
・M. Hashizume and N. Ito, New deformations on spherical curves and Östlund conjecture (2018/08/29)
・N. Ito and Y. Kotorii, On Goussarov-Polyak-Viro conjecture of knots with degree three (2018/08/12)
・N. Ito and Y. Takimura, Any nontrivial knot projection with no triple chords has a monogon or a bigon (2018/07/13)
・N. Ito and M. Takamura, Arrow diagrams on spherical curves and computations (2018/05/24)
・N. Ito, Space of chord diagrams on spherical curves (2017/10/08)
・N. Ito, On Khovanov complexes (2015/10/14), (2017/09/05, revised)