Accomodation and access from Narita Airport

Most participants from abroad will stay at Tokyu Stay Shibuya.

From Narita, the easiest way to come to the hotel is

1. Take Narita Express to Shibuya (there is a direct train service, but not so many, depending on your arrival time)

1'. If you cannot find a direct service to Shibuya, then take Narita Express to Shinagawa and there change the train to JR Yamanote line (Greene line) to Shibuya. Shibuya is the 5th station from Shinagawa, and takes about 15min. (Even in this case, it is convenient to buy a ticket all the way to Shibuya with the extra ticket for Narita Express to Shinagawa.)

2. From Shibuya station to your hotel, to take a taxi is the easiest (, costs about 900yen). You may take a local train, Inokashira line, from Shibuya to Shinsen (just the first station from Shibuya), the fee is 120yen. Or you may walk just following the map. (See also maps.)

*If you arrive at Haneda Airport, then take "Keihin-kyuuko line" to Shinagawa (9th station from Haneda). Afterwards, follow 1' above.

From your hotel to our department building

To our department building, it is about 10min walk. Small streets are rather confusing, check a map carefully not to lose your way! Use the zip code of our department "153-8914 Japan" as the key word for the google map, then you should be able to find the Tokyu Stay Shibuya at the right bottom on the screen as well as our department building centered on the screen.

Address of our department building is 3-8-1 Komaba, Tokyo 153-8914

Google maps with routes to your hotel from Shubuya Station and to Math. building from your hotel.