Supported in part by FMSP and GCOE programs

Workshop on Calabi-Yau Manifolds,
Mirror Symmetry and Related Topics

Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences
University of Tokyo
February 17- 21, 2014 (Room 123)

                                 This workshop will be focused on topics related to
                               (i) the space of stability conditions,
                               (ii) the variation of GIT and Gauged linear sigma models,
                               (iii) explicit constructions of Calabi-Yau manifolds.
                         The workshop will mostly consist of core lectures by invited professors
                         on these topics and also research talks. We expect extensive discussions
                         and interactions among participants during the week.  

Lecturers and Speakers

 Period of stay
(arrival -- departure)
 Yukinobu Toda
Kavli IPMU

 Arend Bayer
Univ. of Edinburgh Feb.16--Feb.22
 Kota Yoshioka
Kobe University

 Matthew Ballard
University of South Carolina Feb.16--Feb.22
 David Favero
Univ. of Alberta
 Kentaro Hori
Kavli IPMU

 Howard Nuer
Rutgers University
Sergey  Galkin
HSE, Moscow
Michal Kapustka
University of Zurich

Schedule (title and abstract)

Feb. 17 Monday

   11:00 -- 12:30    Yukinobu Toda I
   14:00 -- 15:30    Arend Bayer I
   16:00 -- 17:30    Kota Yoshioka I

Feb. 18 Tuesday

   11:00 -- 12:30    Arend Bayer II
   14:00 -- 15:30    Yukinobu Toda II
   16:00 -- 17:30    Kota Yoshioka II

Feb. 19 Wednesday

   11:00 -- 12:30    Matthew Ballard I
   14:00 -- 15:30    David Favero I
   16:00 -- 17:30    Kentaro Hori I

Feb. 20 Thursday

   11:00 -- 12:30    Howard Nuer
   14:00 -- 15:15    David Favero II
   15:30 -- 16:45    Matthew Ballard II
   17:00 -- 18:30    Sergey Galkin

Feb. 21 Friday

   10:00 -- 11:30    Michal Kapustka
   11:45 -- 13:00    Kentaro Hori II
          This is a workshop supported financially by the FMSP program (chaired by Prof. T. Tsuboi and
               coordinated by Prof. T. Kohno) and the GCOE program  (chaired  by Prof.  Y. Kawamata)
                         at Graduate School for Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo.                                                                  
 Organizers:  Shinobu Hosono  and Hiromichi  Takagi

                                  (University of Tokyo)