Yoh Tanimoto

Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, the University of Tokyo,
e-mail: hoyt at_mark ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Photo by Daniela Cadamuro.

I am a postdoctral researcher in mathematical physics.
I am a JSPS SPD fellow as of April 2013, affiliated to the University of Tokyo.

I am interested in operator algebras, representation theory and quantum integrable systems in connection with algebraic quantum field theory. My recent work focuses on construction of Haag-Kastler nets. My best paper so far is this, in which I constructed interacting two-dimensional Haag-Kastler nets "from scratch".
Here is a press release (in German) written by Henning Rehren on my research project around 2013. I have terminated my von Humboldt fellowship but I continue working on the related topics.
See also my contribution to the ICMP12 proceedings.

A list of open access journals in DOAJ My twitter account is @yoh_tanimoto. Recently I tweet either in Japanese or in German.

The Japanese version is here.

La versione italiana si trova qui.